Japanese Essay Topics

Bombs on Japanese

A number of analyses have been conducted on the bombing action that was carried out in the month of August the year nineteen forty five by the US on Japanese cities. This bombing was very significant since it resulted to a very large number of deaths and further effects which are still evident in some… View Article

Japanese Pornographic Animation

Susan J. Napier’s “The Frenzy of Metamorphosis: The Body in Japanese Pornographic Animation” describes how both female and male bodies are depicted in Japanese animated pornography. Napier explains how male dominance over women is portrayed in the different animated films she has cited, where gender-specific roles are usually restored in the end of each film… View Article

The Resurgence of Japanese

Japan Rising is a text concerned with the eastern rise of power in the contemporary global domain. It was written by the political and cultural historian Kenneth Pyle with regards to the significance of Japan’s turbulent time since the end of the second world war. We will be conducting an analysis of this text in… View Article

Japanese American internment of 1942

The Japanese American internment which took place during the second world war referred to the relocation and confinement of over 100,000 people who were Japanese Americans or nationals of Japan. These people were taken to housing facilities which were commonly known as the war relocation camps. This internment was carried out selectively in the United… View Article

Japanese Food – General Analysis and Comparison to American Food

It is generally true that different countries have distinct cultures. The culture of a country is shaped by various factors unique to that country, directly affecting it during its historical development. An example of such factors is geography. The geographic nature and location of a country dictates what resources it may have; a country surrounded… View Article

The Art of Japanese Food

A Hindu saying goes “a man is what he eats. Not only is his bodily substance created out of food, but so is his moral disposition” (Ohnuki-Tierney 3). Indeed, food has no longer been considered as a means to acquire energy and fuel for the body. Many anthropologists, sociologists and historians have begun to view… View Article

Japanese Culture

Japan is known for its very good and very beautiful entertainers called geisha. Geisha in Japanese means “artist. The history of geisha began during the 11th century when two women created a new kind of dance to entertain warriors. They wore white dresses to represent the court dresses of warriors. They also wore hats, long… View Article

The naval blockade of the Japanese

The naval blockade of the Japanese held islands dates back to decades ago when the Japan attacked the United States and its allies. It is referred to as the pacific war and it involved the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to a serious conflict of the Second World War. The war continued until the… View Article

Bonsai: Japanese Tree Art

Many people in the contemporary society have always expressed their desire to connect with nature especially by cultivating certain plants in their compounds but the urban living conditions cannot allow. These, especially in towns have little space around their houses for growing flowers or trees and this greatly applies to those who live in apartments… View Article