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Essay on Japan Country

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Japan CCOT - History

Restoration, the emperor wanted to maintain this uniting factor so he established a Shinto-oriented state. Shinto teachers would advocate kokutai ideology to children. This resulted in a rise of nationalism. IN 1853, when Japan opened their ports, they ended isolationism. The end of isolationism imported several Western ideas, however the Japanese did not use this as a weakness. Instead they integ...

Holocaust vs Japanese Internment Camps

The worst part of it all was the mental trauma the entire situation caused onto each and every of its prisoners and of that of the remaining survivors. Imagine witnessing hundreds of deaths each week, standing in line with the other prisoners during selection, receiving the smallest of crumbs and fighting over the scraps. Imagine witnessing your family being separated from you, knowing that you wi...

Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away and Japaneseness

My understanding of Japaneseness is the nationalistic and traditional points of view showcased throughout Spirited Away. The idea that spirits are all around you, and encompass nature. The importance of family above all else, the emphasis on self-responsibility, and so-on. Japaneseness is not one single thing, but a compilation of many things. It is to fully take in all aspects of being Japanese....

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Dokdo-Takeshima Island Dispute After World War 2

All Japan truly needs from the Dokdo-Takeshima island is the ability to continue fishing in the waters surrounding the island for it’s economy (specifically for the city of Shinema). It would be in the best interest of Japan to approach South Korea and offer a surrender of it’s rights to Takeshima as long as it may preserve fishing rights. This would lead to peace between Japan and South Korea...

Hayao Miyazaki

He said he was “just in awe of Miyazaki's work, and have emulated his sensitivity, his approach to staging” (radiofree. com). Miyazaki has also been cited as a great influence to many creators of various role-playing video game. Hayao Miyazaki is certainly the greatest living animated filmmaker. He devoted his passion into making high-quality animated film which entertain audiences and deliver...

Japanese Spirit, Western Things Article Review

Japan remains the US’s staunchest ally in Asia and the suggestion that failure to reform might sap Japan’s “usefulness” to the US is unconvincing. Perhaps what sounded plausible in 2003 is less so in 2009, in the face of a global recession. Tajima and others point out that Westerners are popular in Japan, which is a sharp contrast with how they are depicted and perceived in parts of Africa...

China's Influence on Japan, Korea and Vietnam

Use of Chinese models of military and political organization aided the Vietnamese against their southern neighbors. In all three, Sinification was sought, and Chinese culture was viewed as more sophisticated than native culture. Chinese culture had an impact on all sides of the three cultures. Despite different patterns, the power of Chinese model had one other important result for Korea, Japan, ...

Hikikomori Definition

Syndrome of Social Withdrawal? A Proposal for DSM-5." Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 198(6): 444-449. 4. ^  ^ Teo, Alan R. 2012. Social isolation associated with depression: A case report of hikikomori." International Journal of Social Psychiatry. 6. ^ , Michael. "Nonprofits in Japan help 'shut-ins' get out into the open" ). The Japan Times Online. The Japan Times. http://www.japantimes.co...

Major Effects of the Japanese Occupation of Malaya

But the Japanese's favourable treatment of Malays and their general mistrust of the Chinese did not foster good race relations between the two. A Malay paramilitary police force was put to work to root out Chinese who were anti-Japanese, which exacerbated inter-communal hostility. The Japanese never offered Malaya independence but allowed Malay nationalist sentiments to develop in an effort to def...

Japanese Dining Etiquette

The best way to start your meal is with a sip of soup. Then you should eat a little bit of each dish, in a ‘rotation’, until you finish all the dishes at about the same time. Do NOT complete one dish of food before moving onto the next. Remember that if you are eating from communal dishes, it is considered an important etiquette to pick up the food using the opposite end of your chopsticks, or...

The Signature Style of Yasujiro Ozu

Then he was drafted into the Japanese Army the next year, he spent two years in China in the second Sino-Japanese war and then to Singapore when World War II started. Shortly before the war ended he was captured by British forces and spent six months in a P.O.W. facility. At war's end, he went back to Shochiku, and his experiences during the war resulted in his making more serious, thoughtful fi...

Samurai in Modern Japan

The findings also suggest that he has had to wear many masks, from that of the nationalist to that of the racist. For instance, in the West he started out being used as a symbol that helped the white man justify his violence towards the barbarians. While later on, his code of conduct served as guiding light for those who questioned their identity. On a final note, this report may only concern itse...

The separation edict

After the re-writing of the Constitution, Land Reform took away acres of land from the Buddhist Temples. Buddhism moved with these social changes, and learnt how to diversify. As Shintoism had, Buddhism reached out on a community level. It set up Youth Hostels on its remaining land, reformed its teaching methods and set up schools and course centres. Mary Picone [1986] even talks about the amazing...

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