Jane & Finch Essay

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Jane & Finch

Jane and Finch is a neighbourhood located in northwestern North York, It is a multicultural neighbourhood. It also has “one of the highest proportions of youth, sole-supported families, refugees and immigrants, low-income earners and public housing tenants of any community in Toronto” (p. 5, A Report of the Jane-Finch Street Involved Youth Issues Coalition, December 2002).

There is a substantial and equally diverse population living in middle class detached, semi-detached, townhouses and high-rise tower blocks. Being one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the City of Toronto, the Jane-Finch community hosts a number of cultural activities; International Women’s Day, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade Kids’ Carnival , Canadian Hispanic Day Parade, and Driftwood’s Annual Multicultural Festival. Primaraly its rentals in this area, not much houses or ownerships. Jane and Finch is far from a white-collar class area.

Elia residents have a lot of recreational facilities to choose from. There are three community centres in this neighbourhood. The Driftwood Centre and the Northwood Centre offer numerous programs for children and adults. Both of these community centres have a gymnasium and an outdoor pool. The Yorkwood Community Recreation Centre is a small facility that runs tiny tot and after school programs. The Jane Finch Boys and Girls Club also operates out of this centre.

There are more then 20 fast food resturants just in the Jane and finch area alone. Most grociarys stores area at corners, but at the jane and finch intersection. there is a price choppers, and a no frills. The York Woods Regional Library at 1785 Finch Avenue West offers programs for children and adults. Adjacent to the library is the York Woods Library theatre, a state of the art multi-purpose theatre that is used extensively by the local community.

There are many grocery stores avaibalble , and are within walking distance. these range from Price Choppers to nofrills. There are a numerious amounts of resturants, most fast food for example Macdonalds, KFC, manincha, pizza,pizza. and many more. Everything is quiet convinient and within walking distance, so having a car is not really an issue. even paying for a taxi would be cheap.

Transportation is very accessable for somone without a car busses in this area are very fequent. about every five minutes or less. aswell as there are more then 10 diffrent routes including 35 jane, 36 finch, 108 driftwood, 84 sheppard and 41 keele. each bus connects to a subway line eather Yonge-University-Spadina subway line, or the Bloor-Danforth line. witch comes about every 5-7minutes. the community is well sercived. even though busses get backed up your not waiting more then 5 minutes for a bus. aswell as there are many alternate routes.

· Are there many parks in the community?
· Are they well lit?
· Are there places for youth to ‘hang-out’?
· Are there many community centres? Where are they?
· Are there many free activities in the community
· How many libraries are there?
Access for People with Disabilities
· How accessible is the community for people with disabilities?
· Are the stores or restaurants accessible or restaurants?
· What about the banks or other services?
· Do people feel safe in the community?
· Are there Neighbourhood Watches?
· Is there a strong presence of police?
· What is the rate of crime in the neighbourhood?
-The community has one of the largest concentrations of criminal gangs of any area in Canada.
· What ward is the community in?
· Who is the councilor (municipal representation)?
o Where is their office?
o What do they do?
o How accessible is the councilor?
· Where are the politicians’ offices?
o What are their health mandates?hinder
• What is the overall health of the neighbourhood?
• How do the factors from the sections above or help the health of the people who live in the community?

What i notice about the physicality of the jane and finch community, as i said before all are hish raise. there is no constructions of new buildings. they are currently extending the ttc on keele and sheppard area, but other then that no constution of houses or anything like that. the state of the roads, and sidewalks arent in the best condition ever, but there not a danger to drive or walk on. The shops are in the same condition as the streets and side walks.

Jane and finch isent the most beautiul of areas, building side doors are broke open, lobby of buildings not kept the cleanest. even the bus sheds are a little rundown and discusting looking on the inside. The streets are clutterd with litter, walking up to the palisades buildings i seen a whole lot of litterd garbage laying around the building, yet the garbage cans were empty.

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