Jane Eyre's novel revealed one of the important elements of

Jane Eyre’s novel revealed one of the important elements of Jane’s character which is maturity. Her childhood suffered from being mistreated cruelly that led Jane to hold herself together and learns to guide her life forward. Living in the domestic sphere and the absence of family develops a crucial effect on Jane’s life. She finds herself locked up in her own head as she struggles to balance her-self-reliance and exposing her emotional honesty. The passage denotes an early stage of Jane’s life where her surroundings played a significant role in shaping her moral dilemma and ethics throughout the course of this novel.

Jane Eyre started to define the harsh realities of class and gender hierarchies in Lowood. During her stay in Lowood, she destined to be misjudged by everyone and given a naughty image of her. Jane was lucky enough to meet Helen which she played an important aspect of Jane’s life. Helen changed Jane’s point of view about how revenge is able to signify justice.

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Part of Jane believed in Helen’s faith and she carried it along with her and the other part believed in retaliation. In this passage, Jane’s morals started to outline clearly. For instance, at this point, Jane is only ten and she doesn’t quite agree with Helen’s perspective “return good for evil”, instead she insisted to return evil for evil which symbolizes the fire. She also used an imperative speech during her argument, such as I must, I Should which only applied to her.

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Jane believed that for those who mistreated her deserves a lesson “submit to punishment” and not justice. Lowood presumed a spiritual and psychological weakness in the lower class. Jane was no exception to experience such a thing. She faced an injustice throughout her life in Gateshead which caused her to develop an “eye for an eye” attitude. Jane has always been a defensive character where she confronts her enemies and endorses justice which reveals a vital message to women society to embrace their freedom during the Victorian period.

Jane’s ethics are influenced by her surroundings which affected on her decision making. Throughout the shifts in the tone of the novel, Lowood has the cold and constrained limitation upon orphans by the norms of society and religion. She arrived at Lowood as a companionate little girl and through Helen’s and Miss Temple’s influence, she managed to control her feelings. Jane’s ethics in Lowood comprehended in setting her emotions which is why her use of language is so powerful and passionate. Her word choice is full of strong adjectives where it describes feelings and intuitions such as kind and obedient, then it follows cruel and unjust. The speech manifests a certain strength and intellectual maturity that unified with Lowood environment in a way that procced her character. For example, the symbolization of ice where she became aware of aligning appreciation and accepting punishment when it deserved “It is as natural as that I should love those who show me affection, or submit to punishment when I feel it is deserved.”. Before Lowood, Jane did not have nor got the opportunity to make her own decision where Mr. Lloyd decided for her to move out of the house. She gained ethics through different encounters over the course of the novel which yielded a complex of her writing style. For instance, the speech connects related ideas in long sentences instead of short ones. Throughout the course of the novel, Jane’s integrity is continuously tested and as an orphan, she feels alienated and ostracized. Also, she managed to balance the frequent conflicting aspects of herself in order to find satisfaction.

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