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James Spencer Essay

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Introduction The conditions for the poor were terrible at the time when Charles dickens wrote the novel a Christmas carol to express his concern about the conditions for these people. At first Charles was going to show his concern by writing a serious pamphlet explaining the conditions people were living in but after much thought he decided a book would be better because he was a famous author. Charles believed this would help by alerting people of the lives the people were living so they would donate to charity at Christmas a time of giving.

Paragraph 1 In stave one of the book we are introduced to Scrooge and Jacob Marley. In the first stave scrooge is described as and evil man and also you can tell this from the things he says “Every idiot who goes around with “Merry Christmas” on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holy through his heart. ” He replied to his nephew after he invited him to Christmas dinner this shows he dose not like Christmas and also he is very rude and is not afraid of sharing his point of view with others.

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Scrooge is rude to all the people who try to be nice to him in this first chapter from the men who asked for a donation for charity to his employee who asked for Christmas day off to whom he only just excepted say he needs to be in the earlier the next day. When scrooge goes home he sees the ghost of his ex-partner Jacob Marley who tells him he will have to mend his ways or he may end up with a similar fate. Paragraph 2 In stave two Scrooge is visited by the first of the three ghosts of Christmas the ghost of Christmas past.

This chapter gives us a lot of important information on scrooge such as his time at school his work for Mr. Feziwig and his relationship that ended when he became obsessed with money “I have seen you nobler aspirations fall off one by one until the master-passion, gain, engrosses you”. Scrooge’s fianci?? e told him when she didn’t want to see him anymore because he had changed at the begging of this chapter he is show as a hard working boy in school that didn’t really have any friends but had a grate love for his sister.

The chapter also tells us about the time he worked for Mr. Feziwig and how he used to have a good time and how he was bad employer because he didn’t treat his staff to a good time. Paragraph 3 In stave three Scrooge meets the second of the ghosts the ghost of Christmas present who shows him what over peoples Christmas are like this shows the appalling conditions the Cratchits lived in and how his nephew disrespects him and what he says about him “his offences carry their own punishment, and I have nothing to say against his”.

Fred said after he called a toast to his uncle later on at the meal they all insult scrooge. In this chapter we learn of the great poverty of the Cratchits were they have to share glasses and of tiny Tim’s illness and how he will die if scrooge doesn’t help him. Paragraph 4 In stave for scrooge meets the last of the ghosts the ghost of Christmas future. In this chapter of the book scrooge finds out he has died and he realizes that no one liked him and that his money was not any use to him when he was dead “he frightened everyone away from him when he was alive to profit us when he was dead!

Ha, ha ha! ” The pawn broker say’s as we realizes all of scrooges possessions have been sold when they can no longer be any use to him as he is dead. In this chapter he realizes that being a bad person isn’t any good to him and that’s its better to be remembered as a good person than a bad one because that’s all you have when you die. Scrooge has now changed and wants to be a better person and we see what he dose in the last chapter Paragraph 5.

In the last chapter in the book scrooge seems to be happier person he dose this by trying to be nice to other people and by doing good deeds he also apologizes to bob and says “a merrier Christmas, bob, my good fellow, than I have given for many a year! I’ll raise your salary; endeavor to assist your struggling family. ” Scrooge said to bob on Christmas day he also gives the Cratchit’s a turkey anonymously and goes to dinner with his nephew and family this shows that scrooge has changed a lot and also want to be a better person.

Conclusion I believe that by the end of the story scrooge is a better person and the only reason he became a bad person was because of his own ignorance to what was going on around him. Charles Dickens is try to tell his rich audience of readers that money isn’t every thing and you can have a good time without it but if you do have it you should be generous and try to help over people have a good time and by doing that you will have a good time your self.

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