James Madison and his Contribution to Revolution Essay

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James Madison and his Contribution to Revolution

James Madison played a significant role in the American journey towards a constitutional government. He earned the reputation of becoming the father of the American constitution for defending it in the federalist papers, the system of government that replaced the Congress. His pen was a weapon of liberty and he was rightly chosen to write the Virginia Declaration of Rights. He identified the weaknesses of the articles of confederation as a threat to the hard earned freedom and worked towards strengthening them.

He wrote essays in the federalist papers and took part in critical debates in Richmond (Vile, Pederson & Williams, 2008, p. vii & viii). In the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787, he spoke in favor of constitutional replacement, a strong central authority, and an extended Republic (Kauffman, 2). His name appeared in every major event of the history of American Revolution and in the adoption of constitution (McCoy, 1991, p. xii). He served the Federal Congress during the final phase of the war for independence.

He played a major role in rescuing both revolution and the constitution from the evils of monarchy in 1800. Among his contemporary men, he survived longer that he even led the aged survivors of the first revolution and their sons and daughters to the second war of independence against England (McCoy, 1991, p. xii). He worked with determination to end slavery in America (McCoy, 1991, p. 62). While working towards a successful Republic, he was thoughtful about the different interests and factions that prevailed in America. He wrote 29 of the 85 federalist papers (The American Revolution, 1).

A new system of government, individual independence of the States, the authority of the Supreme, and a national executive were all his own ideas which the people of America enjoy even today after 210 years (The American Revolution, 1). He warned France and Britain for seizing the American ships and cited that they were acting against international law. According to Randolph, this protest had the effect of chilling pamphlet. After the British imprisonments of American seaman, Madison asked the Congress to declare war in 1812 (The American Revolution, 1).

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