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The movie Finding Forrester (directed by Gus Van Sant), is about a young boy named Jamal Wallace, who is from the Bronx, that has a love for basketball. He ends up getting a full basketball scholarship to one of Manhattan finest prep schools. One day Jamal comes across Pulitzer Prize winning writer William Forrester, who helps Jamal find his inner writer. Jamal enters a paper that he had finished writing for Mr.

Forrester into a writing contest at school, causes Jamal to jeopardize his scholarship.

The day of the writing contest Forrester showed his face after many years proving to the world that Jamal Wallace was his own writer and the piece he was reading was Jamal. Throughout the movie Jamal gave off several traits; intelligence, confidence, and respectful that made him a remarkable actor and person throughout the movie. Intelligence is one of the first traits that came to mind about Jamal Wallace.

Jamal showed his intelligence by excelling academically.

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The first example that shows his intelligence is when he gives a history lesson on BMW in the beginning of the movie. The second example is when he was in class and Professor Crawford tries to say some quotes that he thinks Jamal does not know, but Jamal finishes the quotes before Professor Crawford. By Jamal doing this he shows Crawford and the class that he is not only athlete but very intelligence.

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Jamal Wallace

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