Jakob Karlqvist and His Summer

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Dear Ms Ekliv

The following letter will include a description of a Swedish citizen’s summer the year 2019, with a focus on his journey to Sweden’s, at that time, tales mountain. As an army intelligent, I have been studying a man called Jakob Karlqvist and his summer.

His summer started with him driving to his country cottage together with his father. The cottage in question, a family owned agricultural property, located approximately twelve kilometres west of Sollefte?. Three days passes by, containing various too-do things such as lawn mowing, simple woodworking and fixing around the property.

The next day they both caught a flight from Sundsvall towards Skine. After uniting with Jakobs mother in Stockholm, they all continued their journey south, towards relatives, on his mother’s side, to celebrate Swedish midsummer for one week. Upon arrival at Malm? airport, they rented a car and drove the last fifteen kilometres. The seaside estate in the small village of Bj?rred was a beautiful.

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They were well greeted with the Swedish traditional food and drinks, good company, and great morning swims in the ocean, with a water temperature in the upper twenties.

On the seventh day, they said goodbye to Jakobs grandmother and grandfather and caught a flight up north, back to Sundsvall.

In two days’ time a new flight was scheduled to Kiruna, Jakob and his mother had planned to climb Sweden’s tallest mountain, Kebnekaise. They both used the two days to plan and pack their necessary equipment. A six-day trip, 70 kilometres of walking, and over 1500 meters to ascend.

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They both thought about everything carefully as they would need to carry everything they took with them.

The day finally came. Lift-off was scheduled to 5.25 A.M, so they got up early, drove to the airport and checked in their luggage, one piece for each of them. They both made their way, via security, up the stairs to the main gate floor, and found the right gate number, number two to be exact.

After about twenty to twenty-five minutes, they board the SAS, A320 to Kiruna, and lift-of on time, flight duration was estimated to one hour and fifteen minutes.

Upon arrival, the rain was pouring down, accompanied by thick fog. Regardless they walked of the plane, and in to the arrivals, claimed their luggage and got on a bus. The 70 kilometres towards Nikkaluokta, in a bus with no air conditioning, took about one hour. 09.00 AM they arrived at “Nikkaluokta Fj?llstation”, after changing to proper boots and rainwear they started

Yours sincerely,

Army Intelligent

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