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Every painting or piece of artwork has meaning and value. The shape of the painting, it’s content as well as it’s form can tell a viewer a lot about not only the painting but the painter. Leonardo Da Vinci was known for his meaningful paintings such as The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. He’s also known for his invention, the Flying Machine. He was a true Renaissance man. The Last Supper is one of Da Vinci’s most influential works of art.

It’s largely recognized today. The paining is known for its content, form, quality, value, etc. Leonardo wasn’t the only one to paint The Last Supper.

Tintoretto had painted one also. It being an oil painting. The name is the same, but they have quite a few differences. Throughout the paper, a formal analysis will be given for each painting that will thoroughly discuss the two paintings similarities as well as their differences. In Leonardo’s version, Jesus is sitting at a long table with other people.

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They are known as the Apostles. On the right, some people are having their own conversation and it doesn’t look like a calm dinner. This can be known by the emotion seen on the faces of the people in the painting and the gestures. According to Britannica, the scene is not a still moment and it’s like a photograph frozen in time. Jesus had just made it known of the betrayal that he knows is coming and the Apostles react.

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It is also stated in the bible that Jesus was aware that he was going to be betrayed and who was going to be the one to do such betrayal.

Tintoretto’s version is different from the other interpretations. In Tintoretto’s version, you see The Last Supper from a different angle. The table seems to reach out into the shadows. Jesus is no longer in the middle like in Da Vinci’s version. In Tintoretto’s paining, each disciple can’t be clearly accounted for. The person who betrayed Jesus, Judas, can’t be seen clearly in Tintoretto’s paining unlike in Da Vinci’s where everyone is on the spot. Jesus can be seen farther down the table handing out bread. Most likely suggesting the start of Holy Communion rite. In Da Vinci’s version, the scene includes Christ in the center of his apostles, and they are in a rectangular shaped room. There are windows that hold a nice scenery behind them. The name aerial perspective, which was used by numerous of Renaissance artists can be seen in this painting.

The horizon’s colors become more colorless and duller to create the illusion of depth. Jesus’ body is shaped like a triangle in the center. There’s space between him and the apostles. In this painting, Leonardo has clearly included a vanishing point which is at Jesus’ head. In Tintoretto’s Jesus’ body isn’t shaped like a triangle and the room is darker and gives The Last Supper a more secluded and private look. There are more people in the painting and Jesus is only identified by the halo shining on his head. The painting is oil on a canvas. There are two light sources which is the halo used for Jesus and the chandelier. Sfumato is being used here because characters are blending into the background.

Also, this has a linear perspective just like Da Vinci’s. Leonardo used one-point perspective. The strategy emphasized Jesus and his presence in the painting. Tintoretto’s version is full of emotion while Leonardo’s is not. Tintoretto used fantasy and a surrealistic approach to bring a full impact unlike Da Vinci. Da Vinci’s is uncluttered and simple. It’s just there. There’s barely and lighting and it’s not dramatic. On the other hand, Tintoretto’s shows light. Two places of light are shown and it’s bright.

Though, you can’t see every single person clearly, you can see the emotion and feel it through the painting. Tintoretto’s demonstrate a dramatic change. The light can be used to sense the direction of movement. People can be seen leaning against each other and there are a lot of angles that can be seen. Color can be seen in the glasses, fruit, etc. Tintoretto’s painting can be looked at as a bit overcrowded or all over the place. There’s not a lot of space. Leonardo chose to display death and Tintoretto, chose the part where Jesus gave out bread and told the others to drink the wine. The Last Supper is the last meal Jesus has before he gets betrayed and arrested. Textures can be seen in the tablecloth. The shapes were used to create the feeling of space. Chiaroscuro was used as well as the technique of dividing the section into squares.

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Jacopo Tintoretto Artworks

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