Jack in "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding

Jack obviously represents the id in Lord of the Flies because he always wants to cater to his needs before anyone else’s, and he ends up not realizing how urgent a situation that he and the boys are in, and ends up showing an extremely savage, and ‘me first’ side of himself. Jack did not want to get food for all the boys, HE just wanted meat and HE just wanted to hunt, and this is why I believe Jack is the id of the novel.

Ego (reality) given at about 3 years old; this is the realization that other people have needs and desires too, and selfishness can hurt us; Ego must meet the needs of the Id and must see the reality of the situation; Which character represents the Ego? Why? (5 points)

Superego (conscience) evolves by about age 5; this is the moral part of the personality and dictates the belief of what’s right and wrong; demands perfection; no pleasure for self; opposite of Id; Piggy perfectly represents the Superego because all through the novel he is helping and protecting others, all while trying to keep Jack under control.

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During the novel, Piggy is seen helping in many ways (sometimes indirectly). Some of these ways Piggy helped are: how his glasses were used to light the fire, how he tells Ralph about the conch and gives him the idea of meetings.

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Jack in "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding

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