Jack Hayward High School Essay

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Jack Hayward High School

Jack hayward is a very large school. The school is located in Pioneers loop. Jack Hayward is the largest government school in Grand Bahama. The color of the school is yellow. At the school we have about 60 classrooms in the entire school. In 2010 the school was divided into two divisions the junior high school which ran from grades 7-9 and the senior high school which were from grades 10-12. However, the government decided to rejoin the two school back together in 2012.

On the school property we have our course area, an activity field where we do our outdoor activities. On the school campus we have a volley ball court, basketball court , soccer field and a gymnasium. The student body of Jack Hayward is avery different set of students. Each student has a different personality; some students are quiet while on the other hand the other students are very loud and boisterous. The students of Jack Hayward has grown to more than just a student body over the years, they have grown to be a family. And like every family we have our problems.

Some students at Jack Hayward are very short and some are tall. The students of Jack Hayward are a set of well educated students. The teachers of Jack Hayward are highly educated, and they believe that no child should be left behind either work below their potential. Each teach wants to help their students and would do whatever it takes to get the child’s mind flowing.

The teachers at the school makes sure that the student gets all of his/her work done. Some teachers take time out of their personal time to help a student with work. And that’s what it’s all about at our school.At Jack Hayward we have a large variety of extra curricular activities such as the Governor General Youth Award or better known as GGYA, Elite Girls Club, Junior Elite Girls Club, the karate club and so much more. We even offer after school classes for students that need extra practice with their school work.

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