Jack Goldsmith Calls Mcbeth a ‘Monster'

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What does the phrase “lust for power” mean? Lust for power is when someone has a lot of drive and motivation to be powerful and will go beyond reasonable measures to be powerful. Most of the time someone with a big lust for power is not a very good person. Macbeth was not a good person. His lust for power was huge and caused him to do terrible things. Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare. Macbeth was a soldier, who one day met three witches who told prophecies and revealing that he will be king one day.

They also told him that Banquo’s children would rule for a long time. Macbeth and his wife decide to be selfish and greedy and decide to kill people who will get in his way of being king. They first killed Duncan, who was the current king and all his guards so that he could be the king. Macbeth ordered to have Banquo’s family killed but Fleance escaped.

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It didn’t take very long for people to start rebelling against that no man born of woman could be killed, but was finally killed by an avenging Macduff. Macbeth relates a lot to Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong Ua, and Joseph Stalin because all these men had a great lust for power and they didn’t let anything stand in the way to be powerful.They all affected society negatively and changed the lives of people around them forever.

Even though Donald Trump has not murdered anyone, he compares to Macbeth in his lust for power he uses his power wrongly, he tends to be very opinionated, and can be quit blunt with his comments.

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He relates to Macbeth because they both are very mean and both use their power in the wrong ways. They both affect society negatively in some way. In his article “will Donald Trump destroy the presidency.” Jack Goldsmith states that “Donald Trump is testing the institution of the presidency unlike any of the other 43 before him. We have never had a president so uninformed about the nature of his office, so openly mendacious, so self destructive or so bold in this attacks on the counts, the press, congress and even senior officials within his own administration. Trump is a monstea of the past presidents’ worst attributes.” Goldsmith goes on to compare Trump to a Jackson’s rage, Fillmore’s bigotry. Buchanan’s incompetence and spite, Roosevelt’s self-aggrandizement, Nixon’s paranoia, security, and indifference to law and Clinton’s lack of self-control. Trump affects society because he is racist and is very sloppy, unorganized person to be running the country and making decisions. Macbeth also made rash decisions. For example, when macbeth decided to kill Duncan so he could gain the throne. Goldsmith also points out that part of Trump’s rash decisions are based on his racist nature and states, Trump’s initial executive order on immigration, a temporary ban on entry for people from seven Muslim majority countries that were not obvious sources of terrorist activity inside the United States, were his first steps toward authorianism.

Issued seven days into his presidency the ban was sloppily written (“Will Donald Trump destroy the Presidency”), said Jack Goldsmith. This also proves that he is racist and his power gets in the way of everything. Trump is so power hungry he thinks he is entitled to say and act on anything, yet his decisions have life-altering consequences on the people. Some of these immigrants waiting to come in are from war-torn areas that do not have basic human services. In this way, he relates to Macbeth. When Macbeth says or orders to have Macduff he resembles Trump. King Jong Un is another world leader who compares to Macbeth who shows his powers and strength through the threat of Nuclear Warfare, “In his article “The dictates of North Korea dictatorship” Jonathan Emard points out that, Jong Un is known to kill and torture anyone who he thinks shoes any signs of disloyalty. Kim Jong Un destroys society by the way he treats people of hi country. “Jong Un maintain high oppressive regime that ferrets out, arrests, incarcerated, and executes, any who dissent from the demands of the states or show what could be signs of disloyalty.” said Emard. Power hungry people will do anything it takes to keep that power. Jong Un does this complete authoritarian control and Macbeth attempted to do the same. Power hungry people also feel like they need to prove and show off how powerful they are. Emord also points out that, “For one perceived as immature and weak, the need to prove otherwise can lead to extreme actions such as attacks on South Korea or even the US military” (The dictates of North Korea’s dictatorship). This shows that if he is said to be immature and weak, he goes to prove otherwise. Like Macbeth, he is very dangerous. Jong Un and Macbeth tend to threaten a lot to strut their power.

Joseph Stalin was also a very abusive and horrible leader just like Macbeth. Stalin started at nothing and rose to one of the top powers. By slowly creating a socialist state. Stephen Kotkin in his article “When Statlin face Hitler”, claims, he “force through the building of a socialist state, herding 120 million collective farms or not the gulag and arresting and murdering immense numbers local people in the officer corps, the secret police, embassies, spy networks, scientific and artist circles, and party organizations.” Just like MAcbeth, he became so power hungry that he killed a large number of loyal people. He herded innocent peasants onto farms, Joseph Stalin mine the lives of everyone around him and hurt society. He was always willing to kill anything or anyone that got in his way of his power, and the “The more power Stalin

wielded, the more he still needed. Murderous an Mendacious, Stalin galvanized millions” (Kotkin). This again shows that he is power hungry. He and Macbeth are alike because once they had power they always needed more and more. For example, Macbeth kept killing innocent people to keep his power. His own people did not agree with him and were going against him. They were both very greedy and against millions. Both would do whatever it took to keep their power. There is another man in having the same similarities to macbeth.

Adolf Hitler was like Macbeth because of his mass killings of jews and horrible leadership. Macbeth may not compare to the murders that Hitler was responsible for, but he was responsible for the murders of those under his reign. Both love having power and using it to hurt others. Lerrie Stanson in his article “Hitler over Germany” that “Hitler was a man who used his power in his wrong with killing millions of jews and setting up concentration camps to do so.” Hitler was a very power hungry man who used his power negatively to hurt others. Just like Macbeth all he wanted was power and he killed to get exactly just what he wanted. Just like when Macbeth killed Duncan so that he may rule as king. He ruined society for millions and still affects society today.

Notice that Hitler wasn’t just going from war to war to not just kill people but to kill people he thought they were threatening their power. Him and his powerful army went through innocent countries because he believed that their beliefs were threatening to him and his beliefs. He would destroy anyone who got in his way. Carol Chapman reminds us in her article “Hitler was a war leader,” “Hitler was determined that, during the Polish crisis of the following situation would divert him from his aim: the destruction of Poland through war.” Hitler would destroy anyone and

when his mind is set it will not be changed. This lust for power is like Macbeth because they are both willing to kill. If anyone even tries to test Hitler he will not hesitate and destroy them chapman states, “The actions of other nations had helped to bring Hitler to the point where he could threaten the peace of Europe” (Hitler as a war leader). This proves that Hitler raised one of the most powerful armies of all time that could destroy all of Europe and that he was very powerful , and was willing to kill to maintain his power. As did Macbeth, evidenced by the murders of Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff’s family. Macbeth is a part of evil like Trump, Stalin, and Hitler. He hurts others and only cares about himself. These type of people will do anything to be treated and saw as the powerful people they are and to make sure they stay those powerful people. Nothing will get in their way and they can definitely make sure of that. These men are horrible leaders, and in some cases murders who have negatively affected society in some way. Macbeth first killed to get his power and kept killing to maintain people who have a big lust for power will do anything and everything it takes to maintain that power. Kim Jong Un, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, and others and Macbeth only cared about having all the power they could.

“Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No.” , said Macbeth (pg. 57) This does not cover up the evil deed he did. The blood may wash away but it will still always be there with him. He kills innocent families with kids, “ The castle of Macduff I will surprise, seize upon fife, give to the edge o’ the sword his wife, babies, and all unfortunate souls that trace him in his line. No boasting like a fool! This deed I’ll do before this purpose coal. But no more sights!—Where are these gentlemen? Come, bring me where they are.,” said Macbeth (pg 123). This shows that macbeth kills Macduff and his kids and wife and all his family so that he could remain with power. This proves that all he cares about is himself and his power. In conclusion, Lust for power causes a lot of problems for society. This could include murder, torture, complete devastation of another country, or even just horrible remarks and bad leadership. People like this are mean and horrible people. Everyone of the four men chosen for this research essay hurt not only people but societies. Most murder many innocent people. Power hungry people like this proves that they all have similar traits of Macbeth and they are all greedy.

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