I'Ve Witnessed the Arrival of a Golden Age

The article “I’ve witnessed the arrival of a golden age” was published 14th August, 2007 and written by the Guardian’s Delhi correspondent, Randeep Ramesh. Throughout the article, Randeep Ramesh describes the development of India. Among other things he tells the story about some years ago when he visited an Indian software millionaire, who shows him around the computer industry. The software millionaire comments on the correspondents’ education, because he thinks it is a shame that he was not born in Indian for that cause that the British system makes scientists become journalists instead.

The headline, “I’ve witnessed the arrival of a golden age” is mainly factual, because it informs us. It actually tells that the writer has witnessed a golden age and what we will find within. The language which is used is formal or rather a quotation. It tells us what we will find within. The structure of this article is basically like any other article. It is structured with a lot of sections.

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It has a headline and beneath it there are three sentences which briefly give the reader a general idea of what the article is about and then a little introduction which is an experience where a software millionaire shows him around.

The memories from his past are mentioned. Then it moves on to the body of the article which is a description of how India has developed and how he had witnessed the arrival of the golden age while he was living in Delhi.

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The body only sticks to one topic and that is India. In the ending there is a sum up which also solve the problem in the article. Besides that there is an interesting point in the three last sentences. That is, you see that India has put the past behind and now see a bright future coming and still is optimistic.

The writer does not use a figurative language. Many of the sentences are long and some complex etc. “In the unselfconscious, no-nonsense manner of many educated Indians, the entrepreneur quizzed me on which university I had gone to (Cambridge) and the subject I had studied (physics), before triumphantly declaring that I had been “born in the wrong country”. (p. 1, line 8-11) Language is formal, there is not used any kind of slang nor sarcasm or irony.

There is much appeal to logos in the article because it is based on logic or reason and there are several facts. The article is argumentative for the reason that the reader becomes wiser and informed. The arguments which are used are objective and the choices of words are neutral. The purpose of writing the text could be that the Randeep Ramesh wants to influence the reader and express his own opinion. He generally informs the reader and makes his point clear.

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