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Middle Ages vs Renaissance Art Periods

Finnan, V. (2013). The last judgement. Retrieved from http://www.italian-renaissance-art.com/Last-Judgement.html Gortais, B. (2003). Abstraction and art. Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences , 358(14-135), 1241-1249 . Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/3558216 The last judgement. (2001). Retrieved from http://www.lib-art.com/artgallery/8284-the-last-judgement-pietro-cavallini.ht...

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Baroque and Rococo Art Periods

One area of art from the Rococo period that is often overlooked is the furniture form of architecture. During this time period a shift was made from large and grand rooms to small, intimate, and personal spaces. The furniture was redesigned to reflect this change and the desire for comfort. The Bergère chair was designed with “cushioning in the seat and arms which made it comfortable and kept ...

Ancient Greeks Contributions DBQ

Government was not the only way the Ancient Greeks had contributions to Western Civilization. The Ancient Greeks also made many contributions to Western Civilization in the area of Philosophy. Philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality, and existence. Philosophy is important because it can guide your life. Also, as seen in document 3, which is a quote from Socrates, this quote tells us that a l...

Marketing and Aesop

Insignificant The majority group is middle and upper class that have high power of purchasing (Kerschner & Huq 2011). Family and acquaintances Italian customers not only buy product of themselves but also for others (Schiffman, Kanuk & Wisenblit 2010). Behavioral Readiness Occasions Loyalty Usage rate Innovativeness Aware and knowledgeable about skin care product (CIA 2013) For everyday us...

Italy during the Renaissance

12. Explain how the Renaissance was a rebirth. Analyze the ways in which it imitated and differed from the cultures that inspired it. It was a rebirth of European learning and art because it was a resurgence. This disappeared but reappeared on the Renaissance. The ancient Greeks and Romans’ culture inspired the Renaissance, but there was a lot of advances such as the perfectionism of the printin...

Totalitarianism in the Soviet Union, Italy, and Germany

Despite the distinct differences between these totalitarian states, they all shared several common characteristics. Soviet Union, Italy, and Germany all tried to control all aspects of life with underhanded manipulation and the use of violence to purge their political enemies. In addition, they all were generally led by a single dictator, who controlled the police, the military, the media, and the...

Humanism in The Renaissance

The final change that humanism influenced during the Renaissance was religion. Renaissance can be deciphered from different languages to mean "rebirth". This certainly was a religious time of rebirth. Probably the largest change was the separation of Christianity from politics. This change is what made European society switch from theocentric to homocentric. This separation portrays humanism, beca...

The significance of Garibaldi's contribution

Garibaldi's contribution to the cause of Italian unity was considerable. He was a brilliant military leader and was determined to achieve unification. He inspired great enthusiasm in his men and made them feel compelled to devote their lives to the cause of unification. Although he encountered many failures such as his journey to Rome, his followers were loyal and determine to try to continue his ...

Nationalism in Italy during the 1900's

Even though this was wonderful for Italy to be united as a whole, they were inexperienced with government and were still very much divided by traditions and independence. The Mafia and heavy taxes caused a lot of tension on the country. Although, these were not the results of an earlier disunity, because before uniting, they could have easily had internal conflicts, but when united as a country, i...

Did Napoleon Do More Harm Than Good To Revolutionary France?

Algis, Valiunas The Ashes of Napoleon. USA: Commentary Magazine LtD. , 2003Sloane, William M. The Life of Napoleon UK: Kessinger Publishing Inc., April 2005http://www.brasilien.de/geschichte/staaten/rio.asphttp://www.napoleonbonaparte.nl/html/body_code_napoleon.htmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleonic_Codehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon_I_of_France#Early_life_and_military_careerhttp://en.w...

'The Last Supper' by Leonardo da Vinci

Repetition is used very little in the ceiling, and the doors; meanwhile, the brush strokes are not that important for the painting neither. Leonardo da Vinci painted The Last Supper because Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan, asked him to do so. So it is really not known of how da Vinci felt about his painting. The combination of elements and principles of design make this painting one of the most...

Comparison of the Unifications of Italy and Germany

While the clear goal in Germany was a unified nation, Italy did not have the same clear-cut objective. Bismarck wanted unity from quite early on in the process, as his main goal was to rule over Germany and to be the leader of an entire nation. Cavour on the other hand, was strongly opposed to unification for a long time. It wasn't until unification was inevitable that Cavour stood behind it. Whil...

Narrative Essay - My trip to Italy

In conclusion, this was a trip of a life time and I hope one day I get the chance to come back and explore more places I have yet to discover. By attending this trip with my family, I was able to learn more about my background and became more passionate about where my family had originated. Out of all three of my adventures to Rome, Florence, and Venice, Rome Italy would have to be my favorite. Ro...

Renaissance and Baroque Comparison

These two epochs became a cuddle for the most prominent people in the art. Along with the change of forms and colors, there was a change of people’s perception of the world around and themselves as well. The human from the periphery moved to the center of the art and literature. The focuses were changed. The new rules and standards were established in the artistic sphere.  There were similariti...

A Man of Much More - Giuseppe Garibaldi

Undoubtedly, Garibaldi’s political innovation and military successes played value roles in obtaining iconic public appeal for 40 years while shifting from a revolutionary standpoint of nationalism to an official principle of an established regime, the Risorgimento. 27] Predominantly, his interaction with the press and media and his “natural possession” and “dramatic timing”, applied his ...

Buddhism Versus Greek Mythology

As a consequence, Buddhists thought that nature and man are one while Greeks were taught to be above nature and manipulate it in any way possible. Buddhists lived in ultimate peace while the ancient Greeks lived in love of carnage. The Buddhist outlook on nature is derived from the belief that man is one with nature whereas the original Greek outlook is derived from the thought that man is above n...

Roman Fever Analysis Titled

The crimson color of the silk, the way Mrs. Ansley busily knits her way out of conversations and the conflict at the Colosseum all allude to a surprising conclusion. Wharton cleverly reveals her theme “illicit passion” through this strategic symbolism foreshadowing a climatic ending. Mrs. Slade attempted to lead Mrs. Ansley to her death, but in the end it was Mrs. Ansley who figuratively stabs...

Lion of the Desert

It can be inferred here that Mukhtar was a hero among Libyans and Khadafy wanted everyone to know about it, especially the Italians. In conclusion, The Lion of the Desert is a movie that serves a political purpose as it promoted Libyan nationalism and serves to remind Libyans of their past that there were those who fought for freedom against a foreign power. Works Cited Lion of the Desert. Dir. Mo...

The Lives and Works of Masters in Visual Arts

* The works he executed in Antwerp include two self-portraits as well as the Black Side of Old Houses the Old Man with the Head of Victor Hugo. * The years in Paris yielded him a series of discoveries: impressionism, the impasto technique of Adolphe Montecelli and Japanese prints. * He adopted the pointillism technique and made still lifes, including Still Life with Flowers, Roses Tremieres, Shoes...

The Italian Renaissance vs the Renaissance in Northern Europe

While the art from these two locations is similar in many respects, there are several differences. The most obvious is in the themes. The Italian art stayed primarily with religion and mythology while the northern art explored daily life and portraits. The religious art in Italy made the subjects look more grand also, while the northern art was more realistic. The northern artists were also more f...

Italian Immigration to Australia

In this essay I have discussed the history of Italian immigration such as why they immigrated, how they got here, what life was like in Australia, their jobs, hobbies, what they brought into Australia and much more. I also looked into the state of acceptance and agreeability within our nation, if the Italians where welcomed or shunned and some of the strategies being put into place by the governme...

Italian Hours

What distinguishes Italian Hours, however, is that it “follows no chronology and even the geographical ordering – much dwelling upon Venice and a movement southwards as far as Naples with a return to Tuscany – is (unlike Goethe’s Italienische Reise) arbitrary” (Collister 2004, p. 194). At the same time, the peculiarity of the narrator’s style gives a powerful and overarching sense of o...

The Cultural Context of the Proto-Renaissance

Because of this, the defense of this European country was strengthened, with the internal security and taxation procedures improved (Essak, 2008). The proto-Renaissance period had been a period of great economic and political shift in Europe. Since Italy flourished that time, many foreigners were enticed to the trade possibilities even of other European countries. Aside from the socio-political an...

Comparing Medieval Art to Renaissance Art

In conclusion, there was an aspect of balance in both periods as they seek to balance different occasions with specific colors. There is a major understanding that both works have a similar approach to balance. The use of rhythm in the latest installations of these works in the periods offered a new way of understanding art. The two periods have emphasized on the need to build themes based on the ...

Italy During Renaissance Period

Italian art used scenes from religion, mythology, the natural world, and eroticism. Northern European artists made portraits, scenes from the Bible, and tapestries. Aristocrats and the church owned most of the artwork. Below and to the left is a tapestry woven during the Northern European Renaissance called The Wedding Dance. This tapestry was made by the artist Peter Brueghel from the Netherlands...

Leonardo Da Vinci

If his work had been published in an intelligible form which others were able to understand, Leonardo’s place as a pioneering scientist would not be questioned. If his inventions had been built, they might have revolutionised the history of technology. The wealth of Leonardo’s anatomical studies that have survived also shapes the basic principles of modern scientific illustration. From observi...

Nationalism Webquest

11. What phrase did Otto Von Bismarck use to describe the method by which a unified German state would occur? Bismarck used Realpolitik, ruthless politics that puts the goals of the state ahead of any other concern basically ends justify the means politics. 12. The _______________________ _________________ ___ ___________, which attempted to unify Germany through ______________________ ________, h...

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

In 1895, Adolf Tobler, a Swiss linguist, published Li Proverbe au Vilain, a collection of Medieval French poems. Each verse is accompanied by a proverb or popular expression followed by the phrase, “Or so the peasant says. It is in this 12th century body of work that this expression about the Eternal City not being quickly constructed over a 24-hour period first appears. It wasn’t until 1538 t...

Historical and Personal Background of the Divine Comedy

Economics: The monetary and banking systems of Dante’s world would be more familiar to us than its religious and political institutions. Unlike the more rural and feudal Europe to its north and west, northern Italy contained commercial and banking institutions similar to ours. Italy benefited from its proximity to major trade routes and, with the Crusades, more traffic that moved back and forth ...

History Questions and Answers on France

Italian nationalism was diverse in its aims. Mazzini aimed at the unification of the entire peninsula but he was foiled in the 1830s and in 1848-49. Other leaders such as Manin in Venice and, briefly, the Pope in 1848-49 had very limited success. None of these gained universal support from inside or outside Italy and crucially lacked military power. However, the role of nationalists, especially Ga...

Madonna of the Meadows

Particularly beautiful is the way the figures fill the curved shape of the lunette. The emotional complexity of the human mind is also involved in this painting. Each figure is individualized by being involved in its own thoughts. The overall look of the painting is dark. But there is also classical balance. The figures are balanced and relaxed. Hence, “Madonna of the Meadows” demonstrates Rap...

Napoleon Bonaparte Rise to Power

Napoleon returned to find the Directory was a mess. He, in his selfish way, saw this as the perfect time for self-advancement. So in November of 1799 he overthrew the Directory. Napoleon set up a government called the Consulate. He was the first of three consuls. About three years later he made himself first consul for life. Everyone in France loved Napoleon at that time. Then he started increasin...

Nationalism: Revolutions of 1848 and Italian Unification- Unification

Zollverein, German customs union in 1734, is the biggest source of tension between Prussia and Austria. oKleindeutsch Plan is a plan of a unified Germany without Austria was seen as the most practicable means of unification among various German states. oOtto von Bismarck led the drive for a Prussian-based Hohenzollern Germany and gained favor with the king by the “Gap Theory” oPrussia’s vict...

Italian Gothic Architecture

Italian gothic architecture shows a versatility of medieval architecture that is not displayed within that of the other gothic style that is predominant throughout the rest of Europe. However, it does reflect an underlying phase of general history. The Italians were the earliest moderns, the first to deliberately set up the ideal of modern civilization and to consciously antagonize the culture and...

Italian Stereotypes

We will dress stylishly for every possible occasion. You won't ever see an Italian wearing sporting short pants combined with long socks: it's simply against our fashion rules (let alone our sense of style)! • We are chaotic. Nothing in Italy is well organized or easy-to-use. You have to fight to get the smallest scrap of information. Don't be surprised to see Italians fighting to get into the b...

The Mafia Phenomenon in Italy

Fourth, to be as more concrete as possible, citizens could volunteer for one of the many associations that fight against mafia, or could contribute to finance them with a financial aid or simply by buying the goods they produce. Finally, never stop talking about Mafia; as judge Paolo Borsellino said, "Talk about mafia. talk about it, whether on the radio, on TV, on newspapers. But talk about it". ...

Life Is Beautiful

Everything time when Guido feels anger, he tries to hide it and substitute it with something funny for his son’s sake. He is trying to make his family live in happiness even though they were being forced in this place. Guido did his best to save his son and wife and even gives his own life at the end for them. The moral of Guido character is that even if we face difficulties in our life, we shou...

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