Italian Culture Healthcare and Education Essay

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Italian Culture Healthcare and Education

Italy is recognized around the world due to its decent cultural approach towards education, business, healthcare and society. Italian’s culture diligently maintains high standards of healthcare system as well as education systems which provide the best and affordable healthcare services and free educational opportunities to the people. Italian Culture towards Healthcare Italian culture towards healthcare is highly recognized due to the provision of high standards healthcare services and medical assistance at very low cost.

Italian doctors are very devoted and expert in their profession and the healthcare treatment services are maintained at higher levels. It is wise thinking of Italians who prefer to cover their hospitalization and surgery cost through private health insurance providers which, of course, avoid inconvenience faced due to long waiting lists (“Healthcare in Italy”, Allianz). The official name of Italy’s Health System is ‘Servizio Sanitario Nazioanale’ which provides low cost healthcare services to the entire European citizens.

The healthcare services include ‘in-patient’ treatments such as medications, tests, family doctor visits, surgeries during hospitalization and medical assistance provided by various medical specialists. Other healthcare services are too offered which include dental treatments, out-patient treatments and provision of medicines and drugs. The Italian culture mandates the health insurance for every foreigner which must cover the entire healthcare treatment from the arrival moment till the departure moment, failing which ‘permit to stay’ (permesso di soggiorno) is not granted (“Healthcare in Italy”, Allianz).

Italian Culture towards Education Education in Italy is perceived to be an essential necessity of life. Italian’s culture has regulated education as a compulsory requirement for 6-16 years of children and free education is too granted to facilitate people. There are five grades in Italian’s educational system namely ‘Kindergarten / Playgroup (Scuola Maternal), Elementary School (Scuola Elementare), Middle School (Scuola Media), High School (Liceo) and University (Universita) (“Italy Education System”, Italiamia). The educational system in Italy consists of public and private standards.

Both the standards are developed more progressively than UK and Germany educational systems. Various universities for postgraduate education have been established in Italy namely ‘University of Bologna’ which is the oldest university in Western and ‘La Sapienza University’ which is the biggest university in Italy (“Italy Education”, Maps of World). Italy’s educational system was constituted by ‘Legge Casati (Casati Act) in 1859. The vision of this act was to diminish illiteracy among children and enhance their learning needs.

The single town regulates the primary education system, the province regulates the secondary education system and the state regulates the universities education system. The educational system was further streamlined by ‘Legge Gentile Act’ in 1923. The compulsory age of children for education was increased up to 14 years and option for promotion towards ‘Middle School’ was granted upon completion of five years primary education which could further be continued up to ‘High School’ (“Italy Education System”, Italiamia).

Conclusion Inadvertently, Italian culture towards healthcare and education is very appreciating and is a symbol of developed country of the world. Since, Italian culture has maintained the higher standards in healthcare and education systems; therefore, it is right to claim the Italy as one of the best country of the world which cares about the life of its people with love. In short, Italy’s healthcare and education culture should be adopted by every developing country in order to maintain good health and develop learning needs among people which will of course, benefit the same in the prosperity of a country.

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