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IT service

The IT service offers reliable, fast and cost smart IT online support to global clientele. The idea for such a service is derived from the constant growth of demand for various IT services and a wide offer of skilled professionals available globally. The projected 2004-14 employment increase of 453,000 translates into 1.6 million jobs [1].

Main service features are flexibility and real-time problem solutions offered round-the-clock. The innovation of service process is in hiring freelancers from different time zones and building the network of highly skilled workforce at minimum cost possible. The company would have on-site professionals as well to ensure consistency and proper recourses management. Recent Accenture study shows that 85% of IT managers claimed that global IT operations were crucial to their business strategy, 94 percent of them said their companies’ operating capabilities to support that strategy were not up to it[2].

Here are some pointers how to avoid potential ethical and legal obstacles that may occur in the process:

– Avoid dumping pricing accusation on certain markets – by building smart pricing scheme

– Avoid payment and labor law issues in the countries we are hiring professionals from by creating virtual marketplace with its own terms and conditions. There is concern about federal, state and local government policy proposals that may restrict overseas outsourcing where labor costs are lower[3].

– Run transparent businesses processes and give the clients proper information on your staff and policies – some clients do not trust service providers from less developed countries, so we have to make sure to distribute the work force properly.

Mission statement

We are a dream IT department for every client: always available, professional and cost smart. We want to be considered number one choice for online support within next three years.

Marketing objectives for year one

Although we are going to offer our services globally, this projection is done on the basis of three major markets defined by the size of market potential: Country A, B and C. For the first quarter we will focus on sales contacts and building the brand and site visibility:

– Achieve brand/website awareness among the target customers of 30% on target audience.

– Sales force will have task to perform initial contacts or address inquiries received online. Customer contact will be fully completed once the customer receives the tailored offer. This will be the base for bonus scheme. Total customer contacts achieved 1200. Offers accepted 850.

– We expect slow profit growth in first year due to initial setup costs. Expected profit from 850 contracts: 4250000$ (based on average 5000$ annual maintenance fee umbrella contract)

– Market share:  Country 1: 3%, Country 2: 7%, Country 3: 2%. Other markets: total of  3%

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