IT Planning Essay

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IT Planning

Developing software takes months and even years to develop. For that reason, experts have developed a few models that help in streamlining the process of development. There are four famous models, waterfall model, the spiral model, the iterative and incremental development model, and the agile development model. Each model has its pros and cons, but the experts agree that the best model is the agile development model. In the agile software development emphasize is laid on the interaction between the programmers and the business team. The fundamental success of this approach is that the driving force is feedback rather than planning.

This makes it more people centric than the other developmental models. (Alexandrou) Other models also work, but each of them has their disadvantages. For example, the pure waterfall model is too inflexible to work in today’s dynamic business environment. The spiral model the focus is on risk management rather than on the consumers. In the iterative model, the focus is on the construction of small portions of the software, and then start building even larger portions. This way the faulty assumptions are identified early in the process. However, the process is still not focused on the consumer.

In agile development model, tight self-organized teams interact with each other to exchange old and new ideas. (Fowler, 2005) The agile software development model has gained so much prominence that a community of agile software development has been created on the internet on the site www. agilealliance. org. This site contains resource, books, and articles on agile software development. It also has a magazine that helps in informing new practices in agile software development. Furthermore, it informs its community of different events happening around the world, related to agile software development.

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