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Assignment # 10

Question 1:

Global Information Systems are the systems developed for the multinational users in order to provide free flow of information within the divisions of a single company and between the MNCs.

Question 2

Think globally and act locally means a product should suit the regional and cultural preferences of the local people and at the same time the product line should be global and strategic planning needs to be centralized

Question 4

Yes every website is a global IS, because there is a free flow of information through the website and almost all the websites are now catering to global customers irrespective of their location.

Question 5

If I were an executive of a multi lingual website, I would strike a balance between manual interpretation and software based translation, because at the end of the day the quality and accuracy of translation is more important.

Question 7

Data privacy laws are different in United States and European Union and there is a discrepancy in the collection & use of personal data in US and European countries.

Question 10

It is important to provide the Time Zone converter in the Global SCM because the shipping and delivery time and the payment time should match with the time zone of the customers and the suppliers.

Assignment # 11

Summary of the Case: Fairchild Semiconductor is world leader in design & manufacturing of microprocessors. It has 36 offices in 17 countries.  Fairchild ships more than 17 billion units of its products annually to as many as 45 countries. The company has assembly and testing facilities in China, Malaysia & Philippines. The work-in-progress is often shipped from one country to another and back to the original country for further processing. Fairchild integrated the software called Trade Export Solution into its ERP system. It helps automate the global logistics. The software has helped Fairchild cut costs by readily providing the trade compliance documentation, avoiding shipping delays, reducing the shipping staff and standardizing the shipping procedures worldwide.

Question 1

Answer: The software reduces the risk of logistic & shipping delays due to non-compliance of export & import laws and regulations of country including US homeland security issues.

Question 2

Answer: The software helps company cut the costs by shortening the shipping duration; avoiding shipping delays; minimizing the duties; by providing fastest delivery and by reducing the shipping staff.

Question 3

Answer: The integration of Management Dynamics’ software into ERP system helps automate the global logistics. The digital forms are generated, the information on fastest & least costly carriers is provided, various costs related to shipping and exports are calculated automatically, the trade compliance documentation is readily available saving the labor-intensive search and shipping procedures are standardized worldwide.

Question 4

Answer: The standardization of processes is important in Fairchild because the company has its global presence in 17 countries and the work-in-progress is often shipped from one country to another and back to the original country for further processing. Also it is easier to implement the benchmarked procedures in the new facilities, in future.

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