It is very easy to get weapons Essay

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It is very easy to get weapons

If there is one thing that has played a vast role in changing the global history it has to be the use of weapons. The media has portrayed several cases of homicide. Weapons, pistols, semi automatic shot guns have been used a lot in murder cases and the major intriguing question is how easy it is to buy a weapon and commit such barbarous acts. There have been several cases of the sought in WA. There is no person who should be allowed to own a weapon without having to successfully pass the psychological drug test because of the calamity that these people could cause to the society.

I would like to focus for some few minutes on use of guns and gun shows because honestly most people have been ignorant until lately of the fact that everybody and anybody can buy a gun s without having to undergo any federal requirement. Most people still do not know that there has never been a federal requirement which says that people who are not of sound mind have to undergo checking before buying at any gun show or even a minor has to be checked. Just imagine what a person who has some mental defects could do by going to a gun show?

It is also good to note that most of the deaths caused by weapons are never heard since they are usually accidental. There should be prevention of the use of weapons of mass destruction if at all peace is a priority (Erick, 2000). We only get to hear of massacres, drive by shootings, and when these guns end up being kept at homes, they are usually used accidentally by friends or family members. In order to lawfully carry any concealed gun in Washington, one needs to have a permit. However, getting this permit to carry a weapon has been made very easy and takes very less time.

Anybody who can pass the federal background check is guaranteed an easier way to buy a weapon at any dealer shop without even the need of a concealed weapon license or other requirements. Because of this pliable policy and easy access to weapons, anybody who can pass these requirements is at liberty to own a weapon. The perplexing thing is the fact that the policies that are there currently do not care whether this people are having any mental problem or not as long as they are approved.

Some of these people who are approved to own weapons are just mere terrorists or gangsters who are already drug addict. According to Washington Department of licensing (2010), any person who does not have a concealed license can buy a weapon as they only need to wait for five working days after the notification of approval from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System center to have full ownership of a weapon. After that, the person can use the weapon legally or illegally any way they feel like.

Just because of such policies, there have been numerous gangsters who do own weapons and numerous cases of accidents have already been reported. In the year 2009, 1,084 gang related incidents were recorded and 280 incidents were recorded in the first quarter of this year (Jennifer& Christine, 2010). The gang investigators amounted to 122 criminal in King Country with approximately 12,000 to 13,000 members who among them 5,500 of them live in Seattle city limits (Jennifer & Christine, 2010).

This is a very baffling state considering the number of people who do not own weapons and are considering going ahead and owning one. If there could be laws on drug screening as well as a full medical report before people are permitted to own guns, then it is possible that the number of people who would be saved would be high. Weapon violence is an amplified debated issue globally. Such violence is quite common in most poor areas that do involve young adults and juveniles. Violence has been out of control for a long time.

Most people do believe that guns and use of any weapon should be completely banned but so far they have missed the point. In fact, if banning of guns can work, then cities like Washington and New York City might have been the safest cities in the nation so far. But this is not the case, as Washington has been the murdering capital of the USA (Noam & Edward, 1979, pp. 16). Washington has had severe weapon control laws yet it has been ranked among the most risky places in USA. Violent criminals have an easy time as they can obtain deadly weapons on streets within very few minutes.

With the soft laws that have been imposed, criminals can easily buy or steal or even make the ammunition and the weapons. There has been a considerable debate on whether owning weapons can help in deterring or resisting crime cases or they make situations worse. Indeed all facts that are talked about in those debates are liable to heavy disputes. Though owning of weapons can help reduce and prevent people from crimes, unlawful use of weapons make the situation worse than better (Gregg, 2002, pp. 263).

There should be laws imposed on who exactly needs to own the weapon and when they should be used. Only people who are of sound mind are supposed to own these gadgets. If modest legislation can be passed, the silent and accidental deaths will reduce and most definitely the deaths that have for a very long time outraged the country. This is the least that can be done. Otherwise, the use and possessing of weapons through irrational means deduce the fact that a nation has a long way to go before it realizes the reasons behind citizens’ outcry.

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