It is right that students should contribute to the cost of their degrees? Essay

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It is right that students should contribute to the cost of their degrees?

The level of education demonstrates how strong a nation is constructed. It represents one of the most important factors which contribute at the process of the development of people from an intellectual and social point of view. More and more students have the opportunity to obtain a degree and to have an appropriate career. In many countries the cost of their degrees are funded by the state, this increasing the number of applicants each year. However, there is not a matter of number, but a matter of quality this being the principal account why students should contribute at the cost of their degrees.

The governments should be aware that the effectiveness of education is measured after the number of ambitious, talented students who fulfil their potential. It is obvious that whether the state funds their degrees there exists the admissibility for students not to work so hard and not aiming to affirm within the society. From the psychological point of view, people are inclined not to appreciate enough something for what they do not need to work hard in order to achieve their goals. Whether the states would give a part of this responsibility to students, the perspective from what they understand the issue relating to education is likely to change for better.

Many argue that this change would merely be a burden for students during their university years. The account of this is that they should concentrate on studying more than looking for a job to pay their degrees. Moreover, this is going to affect the students from all backgrounds as long as it is well-known that some of them cannot afford to pay large amounts of money for being educated. It might be true that the modification will cannote outcomes, but the benefits are higher. The government should pay attention more to the quality of students than the number of students.

Taking into consideration all these outcomes, perhaps the government should act in a way so students concur even with a small amount of money. The apportionment of funds between the state and students will have a positive impact on the economy, being fewer problems relating the spending cuts in education. If not, taking into account that the state has to pay large amounts of money because the costs of obtaining a degree is higher and higher it will affect the way in which a country aims to improve its statute among the nations from all over the world.

Likewise, there will be many advantages relating to facilitations. The government will not only pay attention to payment, but to all the needs of students and there will be more investments in necessary materials and equipment.

Every state should be aware of the importance of the quality of education and the importance of making significant steps towards the improvement of students’ skills. According to students the right to participate at the cost of their degrees will not only motivate them to make the most of their education but also the economy will improve.

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