It is only Physical Abuse if you set out to hurt Your Child Essay

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It is only Physical Abuse if you set out to hurt Your Child

The issue of child abuse is characterized by many contentions and therefore it is a subject of discussion. For instance, some people argues that a physical action will not be abusive if it was not intended to hurt the child while on the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States defines child abuse as any action that can hurt or result to hurting of a child whether intentional or not. In this paper, I argue against the statement that it is only physical abuse if you set out to hurt your child.

I therefore give reasons as to why I disregard the statement as wrong and misleading. Physical actions against a child involves but not limited to hitting kicking and slapping. Psychologists have proved that taking these actions against children teaches them how to do the same to others. Available research information shows a direct link between physical actions to children and their violent behavior at later stages of growth (Wolfe, 1999). It is quit reasonable to say that children build their character from their parents.

It is therefore apparent that by hitting children for example, parents teach them how to hit and can grow up to be criminals. That physical action whether intended to hurt or not have negative effects to the life of the child and hence it is abusive. Physical punishments for instance may not necessarily amount to physical injuries but can be and indeed they are very destructive to the emotional life of the child (UNICEF, 2000). This amounts to frustrations and anger which cannot be safely and effectively expressed but remains subconsciously stored inside.

The child then grows with disclosed anger which at late stages can be released inform of violence. Emotional destruction, if it is not attended, can result to stress and later depression which has other psychological and health effects. True to the authors stand, this is not a desirable situation especially when it is brought about by our irresponsibility, ignorance and illogical beliefs on physical actions against our children. Available psychological research results show that it is a subconscious need of human beings to be in love and stay in harmony with their offspring.

It is therefore illogical and unreasonable for parents or any other person to expect to be loved by children who they have hurt whether intentionally or not (MedlinePlus, 2010). Physical actions on children can robe the members of the society the true spirit of love and cooperation from their children which they all desire. In addition to this, it must be appreciated that even if the intended purpose of the action is achieved, it will be based on fear and lack of alternative to the child and hence the child will grow to resist in a manner to suggest that he or she was revenging.

Physical punishment for this matter is therefore abusive to the kinds because it cultivates unethical behavior of revenge to children (Baskerville, 2006). Psychologists also warn that by hitting a child, you instill the message that hurting people is permissible as long as you are older and stronger than them (Wolfe, 1999). The child then grows with that attitude of mistreating and hurting the young ones. This is unethical behavior and it is very annoying especially when it is as result of our mistakes In conclusion therefore, any physical action that can hurt a child is abusive whether it is intentional or not.

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