It Is Impossible to Be Completely Honest with Your Friend

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It Is Impossible to Be Completely Honest with Your Friend

Little fibs are justified in certain circumstances. Sometimes telling the complete truth can even be inappropriate or cumbersome. Therefore, it is impossible to be completely honest with friends. You can always hear women say that they are going to powder their noses when before they go to the toilet. In most of the cases, however, these women do not actually get their noses powders. In formal social gatherings, to say “going to the toilet” is often considered unrefined or uncouth. The women are obliged to use a euphemism in accordance to proper etiquette. In some situations, telling the complete truth can be a waste of time.

For instance, when I ran into one of my friends on the street he asked me where I was going. I told him that I was going to the park when in fact I was going to a local Apple store to get my tablet fixed. I did not want to waste time by explaining the malfunction of my iPad. Besides, the friend of mine most likely would not be interested in the problem of my gadget. For some people, divulging the truth is prohibited both by laws and social ethics. Pursuant to confidentiality regulations, doctors cannot discuss their patients with their friends in conversation.

Intelligence workers in covert missions may have to lie about their whereabouts to even their closest friends. The lawyers also have strict observances of client confidentiality. A breach of fiduciary responsibilities may even lead to the disbarment of an attorney. When chatting to their friends, people of these occupations are unable to be entirely truthful. Total truthfulness is unachievable in normal human interactions, and in the meantime, undesirable. So it is not possible to be completely honest with friends.


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