IT Applications and Groupware Essay

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IT Applications and Groupware

The three most important things that a company has to do so as to implement the use of groupware systems effectively starts with ensuring the collaboration of workers regarding the introduction of the technology. This initiative helps to create an image of the required culture in their mind. Further, it helps the workers to learn more about each other and creates a sense of respect among them. This strategy helps to break any antagonistic cultures in which they grew up whereby they may have been taught to work as individuals.

This viewpoint creates the notion of selfishness amongst the workers. Conversely, ensuring worker cooperation helps to create a feeling of security with regard to employees providing support to the company (Thierauf, 2001). This makes them to be joint owners of the company, thus taking part in implementing the project. The workers are thus not dictated on what to do. Rather, the executive helps them to remove the obstacles amongst themselves and eliminate their resistance. Afterwards, the retraining of the workers about sharing takes place.

This helps to recreate the attitude of sharing which have been eliminated from the workers’ minds by the prevailing environment. Such an undertaking begins with the introduction of education to individual persons whereby they are instructed to work as individuals. Further, they learn that to share equates to cheating within the school perspective. The employees thus tend to have a culture in them that disowns sharing. Such a culture calls for retraining. The concept of sharing helps them to work together.

In turn, this development benefits the company in the sense that each employee will be allowed to make their decisions. The business thus retains the knowledgeable employees within the company. This group work also makes the output of the company to increase more than individual output. Such an outcome stems from the fact that a group can accomplish more tasks than an individual when each person is offered the opportunity to decide on how to accomplish a task (Galliers, Markus & Newell, 2007). The people are thus empowered to perform by themselves.

During training, the influential leaders usually start early in helping the people to change and teaching the people about the importance of groupware. This undertaking promotes every idea regarding all opportunities in the planning of any specialized training in the anticipation that all the needed users are covered. In addition, it helps to create an awareness of what will be expected of them when the group ware system will be implemented. This is because the workers regain their trust in all people with whom they were formerly taught to be distrustful by their environment.

It also gives each worker an opportunity to contribute their techniques in the business whereby the best are charged with the running of the company (Khosrowpour, 2001). It also helps to make sure that all the intended people are reached and that the barriers among them broken. This creates an atmosphere within which each individual is worthy in the business and wherein their views are incorporated into the running of the premise. After training, one should plan for the growth of the firm and be prepared to rise up quickly after the implementation.

This improves the attitude of the workers because they derive satisfaction from the work output. Such a development promotes and improves their working life. Consequently, the lessons which they had learned in the training are articulated in the production process. This action helps to gauge the results of the project so that one can know if to sell the project to others if the results are tangible (Khosrowpour, 2000). Further, he owners are facilitated to gauge if the groupware system is productive and if its productivity can be replicated in other related firms.

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