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IT and World Wide Web


Nowadays, we tend to find many information within just with our fingertips especially when there are a lot of things that require IT and technology skills. When opening our browser, we are able to see many websites that has been created or developed with it own unique and creative design. This system was created by using the knowledge of web development from the developer and the designer of the websites. Each website contains some interesting and favourable element that link to it own purposes.

For example, there are many websites globally that has been created by many developer around this world such as e-commerce, blog, social media and entertainment.

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We tend to hear about the terms ‘web technology’ every day in this world either in classroom or during our leisure time. These days, web technologies have been used widely by millions of people relating to their world of field and studies especially IT people.

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People are using this technology to increase their knowledge and economical value when they were going to use their system as e-commerce. This system starts with a simple language that reach to significant evolution such as html to php. These evolution lead to drastic movement of web phase which is from plain website into beautiful and interactive website.

The world wide web has been invented by Sir Tim

Bernes-Lee in 1989. Originally his vision that is called information management without his notice is now The Web that has been existed today.

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Tim bernes-Lee has purpose his idea to his boss Mike Sandall but was not accepted by his own boss immediately in 1990 his boss give to him a chance to work on his idea. Due to his determination, his standards and patent that he had been approved and filed to the IT department or companies is now been used by everyone globally.


Phyton vs Javascript

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language with dynamic semantics and object-oriented programming designed to be easy to read and implement. Like other script language, phyton is also used for developing web application. Programmers is allowed to use different programming style for simple and complex programs. It also provides a high built-in modules and packages. Phyton also supports many different programming model as object-oriented programming, functional programming, imperative programming and procedural programming.

Java-script is an object-oriented programming language that allows user to develop dynamic web pages and got standardized in ECMAScript language specification. Java-script also allow user to use different programming model like object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming but not procedural programming. Java-script is mostly used in browsers to provide dynamic functionality which the user cant achieve through normal HTML and CSS. Java-script also spport for standard web application with text, regular expressions and many more.

Python Java-script

Has mutable and immutable data types like set and list.

Has no concept of mutable and immutable.

Source code is ASCII by default unless we specify any encoding format.

Source code is encoded as UTF-16 and no built-in support for manipulating raw bytes.

Have different numeric types like int, float, fixed-point decimal and etc.

Only has floating point number only.

Has built-in hash table called dictionaries, set and etc.

Has no built-in hash table support.

Use class-based inheritance model.

Use prototype-based inheritance model.

Use indentation.

Use java-script uses curly brackets.

Has two similar data types list and tuple.

Has inbuilt array type.

BootStrap vs MDL

Bootstrap is formally named a Twitter Blueprint, bootstrap is an open source and a free to use framework to develop or creating responsive websites or web-based application. Bootstrap is developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton where they work as Twitter Developer. Their famous 12 column grid become so popular that many CMS themes have used it . It allows web developer to download a full package of bootstrap or a full customized version. With bootstrap, web developer can develop web page easier and use short amount of time. Bootstrap also help to create grids, buttons and another component.

MDL is stand for Material Design Lite is also known as quantum paper that developed by Google developer in year 2014. MDL provide design for modern component like badges, card and etc. MDL is used to create or build frameworks. MDL is an advance or modern designing platform which help web developer to build different innovative components. MDL does not depend on Java-script libraries and frameworks. Nowadays, MDL is become more popular and famous among web developer but it is now having limited support

Bootstrap MDL

Design based on the user creativity.

Design based on strict pattern of MDL.

Built using LESS

Built using SCSS

jQuery dependency

No external dependencies

Component consist panel, popover, breadcrumb, thumbnail and etc

Component consist cards, mega footer, slider input and etc.

Build process using Grunt

Build process using Gulp

Default font is Helvetica Neue

Default font is Roboto

Support Java-script framework

Also support Java-script framework.

Django vs Flask

Django and Flask are both web framework

which used to create restful web APIs for Phyton.

Django provide a full-featured Model-View-Controller Framework. The main purpose of Django is to simplify the process of developing a website which is so complex and complicated. Django maintain the reusability of components, less code, low coupling , rapid and fast-paced development.

Flask does not need any specific tools or libraries. Flask does not has a database abstraction layer , pre-existing third party based built-in libraries and common functions or form validation methods. Flask also provide a wide variety of extension. The need of extension is high for upload handling, form validation and etc.

Django Flask

Phyton based free, open source framework

Phyton based micro framework without any set of particular tools or external libraries

Example of site using Django is Instagram

Example of site using Flask is Pinterest

Conventional project structure

Arbitrary structure is used to set the connection properties

Url is most often than not set by the view of decorator

Rely on its ORM

Rely on peewee

Divide into smaller chunks

Single Page Application

Redis vs MySQL

Redis or RE-dis is an open in-memory data structure that is used as a database, cache and message broker. Redis is very suitable for any small or large company that want store or cache data and scale it out. Redis is used for storing cache for data that needed to served quickly. It helps getting the larger amount of data very quick.

MySQL is most popular open source database. MySQL is the best performance and easy to use. MySQL has became the leading database for web-based application. MySQL is very suitable for the use of cases across a broad range of application.

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