Issues of Care for Old Age People

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Being in position where you've got to provide care for someone with health issues or someone who's old age and cannot look after themselves anymore, it can be challenging, as you've got to let them decide thigs for themselves, let them keep their dignity even if you know what's better for them. However, to make them forget their condition just for a second, with the aid of compassionate care is something that is needed. Even one small gesture, one brief sentence, a hug, or a joke towards them, would possibly make their days better, despite the fact that it might help for just a second.

Compassionate carer or a nurse would do all this regardless of many instances it takes to see their patient smile. A feeling of being a part of something historical. The sensation that you're making a huge difference in today's world.

As for everything, in nursing, there is another side of it all. The side that is in need to be worked on, however, most of the carers, and nurses' hands are tied by following the NHS protocol.

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No matter how the situation for the patient, no matter how much staff wants to help, their hands are tied. One step over the boundaries of the protocol, and it can all lead to court and big fines, and PIN loss for nurses. People owning care homes make tons of money from people who suffer and then only use a small percentage of their finances to provide their living in the home.

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Starting with cheap food that is processed and not fresh at all, all frozen. The amount of guilt that people feel towards patients. When there's so much suffering. However, so little that can be done about it. The guilt that you know there's nothing much you can do. The feeling that makes you want to quit because you know there's so little that you're able to do. Sometimes it gets really tough when working with people who cannot help themselves anymore and you're there for them. Whenever trying to make them feel secure, staff know what's best for a patient even though the patient disapproves and refuses the procedure or care. Also, the lack of learning availabilities for the staff in care especially. Some haven't got the background of care at all, and thus it makes themselves frustrated when they do something, they've never done before. They might always feel like they aren't doing enough or aren't doing well. To clear these thoughts in the care providers' heads, the employer should provide some sort of training plans that the staff is obligated to attend. That way care will be a little better, however, that's only one small part of it that we need to be done to improve it.

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Issues of Care for Old Age People
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