Issue of Smoking in America

In America approximately 37.8 million adults smoke. That’s more than 15 out of every 100 adults. Smoking to me is a habit or addiction. Although some say that cigarettes give you a high, some people just cant quit. We all are taught from children to not smoke, drink, and to stay in school, which is very important. Not smoking is especially essential because of the detrimental effects on your body and health. First smoking damages your body, puts you at risk for diseases and life threating, and can make you infertile.

​First, smoking damages your body there are so many ways that smoking can hurt your body. It affects your stomach, lungs, brain, mouth, bones, plus more. If you smoke your bones become less dense which makes them weaker. With weaker bones you are more likely to contract more injuries, especially if you older because you are already susceptible to such things. Also smoking cause skin aging, smoking takes away the oxygen production to skin makes you look older and saggy.

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The toxins which stay inside your body also produce more cellulite, which means you will have those unwanted “dimples” in your skin, which is important especially for females images. Smoking also is not good for your stomach, it weakens the muscle at the end of your stomach and causes you not be able to digest correctly. When this happens it causes reflux and as acid comes back up it can also cause heartburn, because the acid is burning your chest.

​Next, smoking puts you at risk for so many diseases and life threatening conditions.

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There are so many toxins and chemicals in a cigarette so many that scientists aren’t even fully aware of them all. Because of this a main problem is cancer; specifically lung cancer. First off, inhaling and exhaling smoke affects your lungs and breathing adding toxins puts you at risk for lung cancer. This is because when you smoke it damages the cells that line the lungs stripping them which makes more of a problem for a smoker. At first, the damage can be repaired, however smoking is addictive so you lose those cells that can replace the damage that was done. According to National Health Association, smoking causes 84% of deaths by lung cancer.

Also smoking causes blood clots. Smoking makes your blood thicker and increases the chance for clot formation. Also increasing your blood pressure, making your heart work more putting a smoker at more risk for a heart attack. Also smoking puts you at risk for stroke and brain aneurysm. Smoking narrows your arteries making it harder for blood to flow which makes it easy for things like this to happen. The last disease I will discuss is COPD. It is a disease which makes it hard for you to breathe, because of the narrowed airways. Smoking also causes 83% of deaths by COPD.

​The last reason smoking is detrimental to your health because it has a 75% of making you infertile. Everybody wants to have a family, but if you smoke you may be less likely to. For males smoking causes damages to the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Making men have a lower sperm count, and infertile. Also the same thing for women. Also Smoking causes 45% of problems in pregnancies with women.

​To sum it up, smoking causes so many problems I only discussed some, but there are so many more. Smoking takes a terrible toll on peoples health and every one should think twice before doing this activity.

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Issue of Smoking in America

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