Issue of Racism and Sexism in America

Racism and sexuality have been a problem for decades now. Even when we think that things may seem to be changing there is always a setback. To me, being an African-American female I have seen many sides of both racism and sexism. I have seen not only on my own college campus, but at many other places like my job, at restaurants, and even in church. We will never see a definite change in these actions if we do not take a stand against certain things.

As I look around I see racist and sexist incidents happen every day, but I have yet to see a change take place. It seems as if America thinks the best thing to do is to push things under the rug or just do what they “think” is taking care of the situation. If I can constantly see the same thing happening over and over again after people have claimed that they have taken care of a racist or sexist situation then I believe that nothing has truly been taken care of.

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Racism and sexism have seemed to become a bigger problem on college campuses now. Every time I turn on the news now there’s some type of racist or sexist acts going on at some college.

There is racism everywhere and every day. As I look around the campus of University of West Georgia I see people of many different ethnicities and races. Many people may see racism on college campuses as not such a big deal, but having experienced here at UWG my first year I think that is and can evolve into a big deal.

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People constantly try to make it seem as if they are trying to make a difference on these college campuses, but they are not. For instance, the whole incident at the University of Oklahoma where a member of the SAE fraternity was caught on camera saying a racist chant and the punishment that they received was only that the chapter of the fraternity would be removed from the University of Oklahoma. Nothing was done to the boy who was caught on camera personally. It amazes me that things like this shock us in this day and time though. The bigger problem that we are facing is we cannot change a person who is racist. We cannot make them see where we are coming from. All we can seem to do is work on ourselves and stop turning to violence thinking that it help solve the problem. We need to do better as a nation. Racism will not just stop. It will probably always be around, but I think that acting like we are attempting to make a change will solve nothing and only lead to false hopes. College campuses are always going to have racism amongst students, teachers, or faculty members. It is something that we cannot change; we can only turn the other cheek and spread positivity.

Why is it that women don’t receive the same credit as men? It seems that people are still stuck in the past. Women used to be known to simply stay in the house and just tend to the children. Things have changed over time even though some people refuse to see that. Even though college campuses have become very diverse, women and minorities are still faced with prejudice and discrimination. Women have worked their way up in history. We now have women CEO’s, women in the White House, and many other powerful positions. I think that women should be considered to be just as powerful as men. Women have played a great role in history and I think we deserve more credit than we receive. It may seem to be hard being an African-American male trying to prove that you are worthy to be on the same level as a white male in America, but try being an African-American woman. Women have to work ten times harder than men just to receive the same or less amount of pay. Women have to constantly prove their worth working in big corporations or just on an ever day basis. When women tend to get into high scale universities they are undermined or thought to be lucky to be able to attend universities like this. Universities may not realize it, but they sometimes unintentionally promote sexism sometimes. Just like when we looked at that Go West book and it was pointed out that there were no women on the page with the faculty and staff. There were only men on that page. I think that the diversity on college campuses does matter. People are more comfortable when there is someone else like them that they can relate to. Sexism is a hard wall to break down, but women are working harder and harder every day to earn the respect that they deserve whether it is on campus or out in the real world looking for a job.

Racism and sexism are not always addressed in the manner that we expect or want, but we cannot rely on the government or anyone of higher power to make the first move. We, as people, have to get out and start making a change within ourselves. No one is going to change overnight, and some people may never change their ways. All we can do is hope for better in our society. Neither racism nor sexism is something new that we haven’t encountered before. Personally, the way things are going in this world, I see no permanent change happening anytime soon. Everyone always wants to result to violence or start a protest when something like racism or sexism happens, but what is that doing? The people who did these things don’t have any serious repercussions, so what’s the point of all of this if the problem doesn’t get solved anyway? I think America always tries to make it seem like they did a good deed when in reality they only made the situation worse.

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Issue of Racism and Sexism in America

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