Issue of Equality for All in America

America has many problems with the issue of equality for all. In America the people often discriminate when someone doesn’t look like the rest. This occurs with gender, african americans, and children. People also discriminate when they don’t practice the same things they do like religion or when the act differently like the mentally ill. Gender started with women being discriminated, especially in the workplace and at home. Religion started with muslims when the terrorist attacks occurred, especially after 9/11.

African Americans were discriminated for being a different skin color, this caused for them not to be able to go certain places.

Children were struggling for equality while they were working in the factories hundreds of years ago. Lastly the mentally ill were discriminated for being sick with a illness they can’t help. These issues in America cause for many people to feel unwanted here. America is suppose to allow people to have hope for the American dream. The American dream is “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

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”(Merriam Webster). People come from all around the world and do everything in their power to become citizens of the United States to live this dream.

So when they come here and get discriminated they are no longer able to live the American dream. People need to know America is a safe and welcoming place to come to. So by discriminating it tells people that America is not a good place to come to, which causes many problems for America.

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All of these problems have occurred for hundred of years and it’s still a problem today. America has done many things to try and stop this problem from occurring, but people have not stopped judging people for who they were born as. The struggle for equality does not provide hope for the American dream.

Gender’s struggle for equality has lead back to women being discriminated out of society for hundred of years. Gender segregation has occurred since early on, it’s been around for hundreds of years. Gender problems between men and women often leads back to sexism. Sexism is an idea that women are inferior and men use this inferiority to assert their privilege. This is proven when a sexism article states, “Sexism consists of a set of attitudes, beliefs, and practices that assume that women are naturally inferior to men in a variety of ways and that use this alleged natural inferiority to promote, protect, and enforce male privilege and deny women full participation in society” (“Sexism” 1). Sexism is a major problem here in America today due to so many men enforcing this and no one fighting back against it. The whole problem with gender is dated back to the early humans and how they viewed women as producing babies and making food.

This theory was backed up in a gender prejudice article that states, “According to the research of physical anthropologists, those who study the physical and behavioral development of humans, the idea of male physical superiority began very early in human history. In early humans, the size difference between males and females was even more distinct than in modern humans, a trait known as sexual dimorphism. The male was the family provider and protector while the female produced and nurtured children and prepared foods for consumption” (Gender” 3). This caused for major problems to occur because women knew they could accomplish so much more than just the wife that cooks and cleans. This allows for women to feel like they can’t believe in the American Dream. By these problems women will feel unwanted in America and feel like they will get hate for just being the gender they were born into. Gender discrimination causes for America to lack in the hope of the American dream.

Religion has caused for people all over the world to have a certain image on what religion should look like. Religion was a major problem here in America since the early days, where you were arrested for not practicing a certain religion. Religion segregation has taken a major role on especially how muslims are viewed in America. Muslims have received many hate crimes due to people believing they are the reason for all the terrorist attacks. The hate crimes doubled after September 11th, when two planes flew into the twin towers in New York killing hundreds to thousands of people. Daniel states, “Hate crimes against Muslim Americans have increased to a level unseen since the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001” (“Daniels” 1). Ever since 9/11 people in America have viewed Muslims as terrorists and make them afraid to live in the United States.

The hate crime statistics have gotten so bad that Muslims are scared to go out and live their everyday lives. Daniel states in his article that, “According to a study by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, hate crimes in 2015 against American Muslims were up 78 percent since the previous year” (“Daniels” 1). People have got themselves so caught up in these terrorists attacks that they put all the blame on American Muslims, when in reality they aren’t even part of the crime at all. Muslims are often left out and have hate crimes against them because of what their religion has them wear. These problems cause for any religion to feel as though they are not safe here in America. This is due to people feel like if they go out in public they will get harassed by Americans. Religion discrimination has caused for major traumatic events to occur that doesn’t provide hope for the American dream.

African American have struggled for equality for years before the Civil War. African American have been seen as different for the longest time in America. They were left out of many scenarios like education, religion, and even going to the bathroom. African Americans were not allowed to go to same bathroom, school, or church as the whites did. This changed when churches believed that just because people were a different race doesn’t mean they should lack a education. The civil rights article states, “Christian churches were first to offer education to African Americans” (“Civil” 2).

They allowed for African Americans to get the education they needed without them having to teach themselves. The civil war then broke out between non-slave states and slave states. The after effect of the war is what had a huge impact for the African American population. The article then states, “After the civil war hundred of thousands of African Americans were left homeless” (“Civil” 3). They were left without shelter and food and had to live off the streets, which was hard due to all the discrimination. This segregation caused for African Americans to not feel welcomed here in America. They felt like they couldn’t provide for their own families, just because of the color of their skin. African American discrimination have cause people to not believe in the American dream.

Children struggle for equality has occurred hundred of years ago starting in factories, where they would work for very long periods at a time. Children work for long hours handling dangerous jobs, where they could lose a limb or even be killed by the machines. They would get very little pay but would get hired more often than men due to this issue. It was also helpful to the factory owner to have little hands that would be able to get inside the machine and get stuff that was stuck. That’s when someone stood up for the million of kids that were getting injured or even killed at their jobs in the factories. An article states, “Child Labor Laws were put into effect to keep them safe from hazardous conditions” (“Child” 2).

This allowed children to be in safer working conditions and also allowed for them to be able to work less hours so they could go to school. This helped so they could help put food on the table but also get the education they need to be able to make real money when they grow up. That’s when “1919 child labor tax laws were passed” (“Child” 2). This was a law passed by congress that made employers that hired children to pay taxes for their work. This caused for many employers to start hiring adults instead of children, which allowed children to start going to school full-time. This discrimination of children caused for children to be scared that they would die just by going to work. Children discrimination especially in the workforce causes people not to believe in the American Dream.

The mentally disabled has struggled for equality for so long due to people looking at them differently based on a illness they have no effect over. The mentally ill has been viewed as differently for so long that even today people view them and judge them as different. People often believed those with a mental illness were viewed as people the devil took over. The deciancy article states “During earlier periods those with mental illness were held in suspicion of demon possession and other unearthly states” (“Deviancy” 1). People saw these people as those taken over by the devil and not having any control over their own body. The article then states, “Public mistrust and fear of the insane resulted in their confinement, perpetually shackled in miserable cells” (“Deviancy” 1).

People were tied up and restrained for having a disease they can’t control. They were tied up because we were not far in medicine yet, so no one knew what was actually wrong with them. Instead people thought it was unearthly things that were making people act like this. The mentally ill felt like they were no longer welcomed her in America because they were not normal to the American population. This caused for people to no longer believe in the American dream because they don’t feel equal. The mentally ill were discriminated out of society so much there was no hope in the American dream for them to believe in.

The struggle for equality for some people allows for them to believe in the American dream. People could argue with the fact that it doesn’t because people feel different ways about this issue. Some people see the struggle for equality as a good thing because they believe America should only be here if they were born here. Also people believe that we have made advancements to equality, so it shows that America is progressing. These arguments are able to show other people’s view on equality for the American dream. Gender equality has come a long way since it use to be hundreds of years ago. This causes for people to believe they are able to live the American dream because we have made progress throughout the years. People view America as a country that continues to advance everyday and solve its problems. Religion has advanced and now people are freely able to practice whatever religion they would like.

African Americans are now able to use the same places and live a normal life. Children are now able to get a proper education and have laws against working. Lastly the mentally ill have been treated equally after people have found out what it actually means to have a illness. They are no longer used as experiments, instead they are treated fairly and have systems were they can seek help. All of these groups that have gotten discriminated made little advancements since the past towards equality. People also believe that in American only American citizens should be allowed, so when groups like this show differently people want them out. Some people will view this as a good thing because they believe America should only have the perfect image so having them discriminated will make some people believe in the American dream. America has made many achievements when it comes to equality. People in America now see that everyone is different but deep down we are all American and deserve to be treated equally.

The struggle for equality in America has caused for people to lack hope in the American dream. People look and judge people so harshly when they don’t look or act like we think they should. Women have had to live through gender segregation for year and we have made achievements to the equality, but we still have major problems occurring with discrimination. Women are now able to get jobs but it still has its negative side that says men are treated better in the workplace than women are. Religion also has gotten better in the years but muslims still feel unequal. They still get viewed differently after terrorist attacks and by what the women wear to represent their culture. African Americans still feel like they are getting discriminated and this problem has escalated when the police vs African American problems occurred. Children were discriminated in the factories when they were hired for the dangerous jobs due to them being able to fit into machines.

Lastly, the mentally ill and still viewed as different for having a illness they can not control but do everything in their power to seek help for. America is very harsh with discrimination, because people think Americans are the best and that everyone should be like them. When people vear from this picture of being a perfect American, people start to judge and harass them for being different. This causes people to lack the hope for the American dream because people won’t feel like they are safe here in America. People will feel as though they are living a nightmare, because they aren’t able to live their everyday life like they have the right to. The struggle for equality for people within the United States for a lack of hope in the American dream.

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