Islamophobia and Law Enforcement in a Post 9/11 American Society

What Truly Happened

Attack at Pentagon/World trade Center

September 11-2011

8:11 AM

  • 19 Militants enlisted 4 planes and drove suicide strikes.
  • Two of the planes flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.
  • 1 plane hit pentagon building just outside Washington DC.
  • 3000 people were executed including 400 fire fighters and policemen.
  • Television stations started indicating mental oppressors as Muslims.
  • Muslims knew now what they have to face.
  • At 10:30 a.m., the north structure of the twin towers fallen

Muslims in the US after 9/11


Among the various social troubles looked by Muslims all around the word, the dread attacks on Sept.

11 2011 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon arranged in the United States have impactsly affected the life of the Muslims around the world, yet one of the genuine effect that it had was on the Muslims of America, their monetary prosperity and on occasion their pith was furthermore not recognized in America since an extensive part of the Muslims there have faced a troublesome life after these strikes with an imperative edge being social associations with the overall public around them.

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The moment every Muslim turned on their TVs on that day, they fathomed what they would need to oversee in the following a long time after the strike. These issues have been portrayed by people where some believed that there was a nonappearance of cognizance between the all inclusive community about what Islam addressed and the Muslims when all is said in done, inside couple of days of this shocking strike, a critical number of the overall public had found a substitute, Muslims and the Arabs who took after barely to the aggressors of that day that were appeared on the national TV were engaged for it, paying little heed to in case they were particular in accents or dresses, the majority of the Muslims were treated just as they were the ones who had begun that terrible attack.

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Much has happened on the planet against dread based abuse after these strikes, as the American government went full scale against the people who helped the mental oppressor practices in any way, noteworthy events that happened a brief span later fused the American assault of Afghanistan and Iraq, these wars against fear wound up being the harming, both the countries persevered through genuine obliteration. Both the countries were ensured that they would be better after the completion of the war anyway it is troubling to express that no such certifications were followed up on and there is no rebuild of the countries seen. The full impact of the events that occurred on 9/11 can’t be chronicled in a single report yet a part of the major issues, challenges and the lifestyle of the Muslims after the attacks have been cleared up with detail in the report to seek after.

Disclosures and Discussion

Islam in America Pre-9/11

Islam was the fasted creating religion in American before the wretchedness of 9/11, change to Islam was the most basic factor of this, the change rates before 2001 can be procured from an examination that happened in the year 2000, a year preceding the catastrophe communicated that around 20,000 Americans had changed over to the religion of Islam, looking economics of the change wonder around at that point, it shows that the a typical of 55 percent of the Americans had started changing over to Islam reliably, the examination further assumed that the change rates were assorted subject to the sexual introduction and the unmistakable ethnic establishments of the all inclusive community. The examination showed that the most raised rate of the converts were blacks which was at 60 percent, 20 percent whites and 20 percent of the Hispanic people having a spot from the Americas, and looking genders of the devotees contemplated that a vast bit of the converts were females and men following by a rate of 40 percent. Since the white people were an essential ethnic assembling in the country around at that point, their change rate of 20 percent exhibited that around 10 people changed over to Islam once per day in America, if the change had continued at the going with rate, it would have reduced the social gap seen between the minority Muslims and the lion’s offer.

Looking bits of knowledge, if the partition as a result of the 9/11 strikes had not happened, America would have transformed into a real representative of the far reaching American range which it claims and with the a sizeable white system that had been changed over to Islam in the years to come, American could have helped in dealing with the various troubles that Muslims oversaw, for instance, Islamophobia generally yet unfortunately nothing except if there are different alternatives referenced were seen after the attacks as Islam persevered through an essential setback in the headway that it had made in the principal years before the year 2001, had the aggressors not been resolved to be Muslims on the national TV before the ambush, things would have been remarkable anyway in the following days American Muslims expected to voyage through disagreeable waters to encounter their live both a Muslim and an American, the condition of Muslims and the challenges looked by them after the strikes have been communicated under. (Mujahid, 2017)

Islam in America Post-9/11

Following the regrettable events of the 9/11, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2002 itemized that they viewed a development of 1700 percent extension in the contemptuous violations against the American Muslims. In the midst of the result of the attacks, a lot of adverse speculations were exhibited by the greater part of the American society and Muslims more than some different pioneers were centered around the most out of the others, any person who look fairly like the aggressors imparted on the national TV was engaged with detest and compromising vibe. Without a doubt, even before the ambushes of that day, Islam wasn’t seen as the best of religions on earth, and that can be denounced upon the overall media which didn’t delineate Islam concerning what it truly was which spread general exploitation the Muslims all around, in short any person who may find that an individual was a Muslims would have a general fear against them and give recommendations on deadness towards them which can regardless be seen by the predominant part Muslims in countries other than their own.

The diminishing that was seen after the attacks appeared differently in relation to the acclaim the religion expanded after the ambushes is steady of the more significant detectable quality and reputation of Islam. Various Muslim affiliation had started to bring their profiles up in the open square, an affiliation named Council on American-Islamic Relations set up in 1994 had pronounced to influence an unrivaled appreciation of Islam, to discard the error that were brought into the American identities and offer value to the American Muslims after the ambushes.

Beside the recently referenced things, the life of a typical American Muslim had been influenced massively after the attacks, there was a contention seen between what the American people were told about the Islam through the media and various stages which achieved the unfavorable portrayal and the vitality that Islam spread at first, this confusion was brought upon the American people which place them in a situation where they couldn’t settle on the wrong and the right. This was happening fundamentally due the political beguilement that was played behind the wrap by the organization which wasn’t detectable to the standard American, this lead to the shirking of the progression of the image of Islam that may have been watched something different.

Various Americans feared the religion of Islam and named their fear as Islamophobia and this wasn’t begun by the strikes of 9/11 yet factors, for instance, mental fighting acts, most by far of the dread monger practices were presented by a bit of the various Muslim individuals, the Christian radicals who demonstrated Islam as a savage religion and cynical delineation of Islam by the noteworthy syndicated programs and political has on the web and the media. Most of the recently referenced factors added to the development in Islamophobia among the American Society, paying little respect to how hard the American Muslims endeavor to diminish this thought has been around all through ongoing decades, they will never truly discard the negligence of Islam by the American Society. (Khan and Ecklund, 2012)

The American Muslims went up against challenges in essentially all pieces of their lives, the troubles that were a vital one was their physical appearance, in light of how all of them took after the Arabs, they were not treated with value. Various challenges included joblessness, decline in wages and the condition could even more obviously be depicted by saying that the Muslims were the last individual to look at for enrolling and the essential individual to be ended. The American Muslims similarly persevered through a trouble in their noteworthiness to the governing body as they were limited from getting to the White House, the top Muslim relationship of that time Council on American-Islamic Relations had been blocked from moving toward the White House, and besides Muslims were denied from contradicting outside the White House.

Various troubles consolidate social disasters and the loss of mental agreement to various Muslims that this regrettable event had expelled, social pro centers of the time point by point that there was a development of enthusiastic health issues after the attacks. (Bakar, n.d.)

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