Islamic religion Essay Topics

Jewish religion

Judaism is the Jewish religion. It is one of the oldest of the great world religions, and is the mother religion of both Christianity and Islam. Judaism was not founded by one towering personality, as were most other religions. Abraham and Moses are not regarded as founders. Abraham was the “father of the Hebrew people”… View Article

African religion

Religion is being described as the belief in a supernatural power considered as creator and governor of the universe. The indigenous African people honored a superior being before the recording of history. They practiced voodoos, witchcraft, black magic, obyah and oledamare. The foundation of African traditional religion is faith based upon dogmatism. They have the… View Article

Prophet Mohammad

If I could travel back in time to meet a famous person from history, I would want to meet with Prophet Mohammad. He is well known across the world as the person who brought the Islamic religion to the Arab countries. His teachings can be found in the Holy Quran (Madelung, 87). It is said… View Article