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Islam: Growth of Religion

Islam is one of the second biggest religions in the world nationwide and has a significant presence in Europe such as Germany, France, and England and some in North America. Muhammed Ibn Abdullah was born in 570 AD in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and back in his time the only way to be safe in Mecca you needed to have back up lots of rich brothers so if anyone got in your way they would beat you up and you can do anything you want.

He believed in one god and Muhammed started as a shop pet where he started to make his own business and started to sell his things for rich people. Then Muhammed got married to Khadijah for twenty-eight years until her death. Muhammed slept in a cave where God was speaking to him giving him a message and he continues his life writing about what God was telling him and during the next years he died in 632 AD. After his death, people found papers of his writing about god and put all the papers together and made a holy bible book about god.

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There are five pillars of Islam the first one is the Shahadah where perfection is faith. which means there is no god, but god and Muhammed is god’s prophet which tries to make Muslims sound other and ignores the fact whether your Christian, Muslim, Judaism is a law. The second one is Salat a ritual prayer five times a day at don, noon, afternoon, sunset, and late evening it is obligatory to pray five times a day.

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Therefore, unless you haven’t hit puberty and if your too sick then it’s not obligatory to pray and get other people sick. The third one is Sawm the month-long faster is the month of Ramadan where Muslim people do not eat, drink, and smoke cigarettes during daylight hours.

Therefore, Since Ramadan is a lunar calendar month it moves around the seasons and it is more fun during the winter when the days are shorter and least fun during the summer when the day feels long, and it is hot. The fourth one is Zakat which non-poor Muslim people are required to give a percentage of their income to the poor. The fifth one is Hajj the pilgrimage to mecca that Muslims must try to fulfill at least once of their life provide of their health and have enough money.

Muhammad was a member of the Banu Hashim clan within the Quraysh tribe and the Banu Hashim were traditionally stewards of the pilgrims who visited Mecca in Pre-Islamic Arabia. Almost about 2 million Muslims from around the world nation try to fulfill at least once of their life and believe in God.

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