Is There Too Much Technology? Essay

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Is There Too Much Technology?

Technology is a great thing, it is used anywhere and everywhere around the world. Whether it’s a radio or an iPad, we all have some sort of technological device lying around somewhere in the house. You can ask it to do something and it will do it for you, it is a way of improving our living conditions. Let’s start with the mobile phones as an example. If you are like me then you can’t be off your phone for more than two minutes. If you are not calling someone then you are texting someone. If you are not texting someone, then you are browsing the web, most likely you would be on facebook or twitter. If you are not doing any of those things then you would be staring blindly at your phone with nothing to do, or just waiting for something to happen.

We seem very reluctant to just turn our phones off. Being a user myself I have nothing against mobile phones, but technology has become more than a tool and more of a lifestyle. We all have to adapt to a new generation of technology. It’s all something we have to get used to. As time passes by technology seems to get better, better and better. When I was a little children all I remember was playing with my dolls. Internet usage can lead to loneliness and misery. Imagine the people, who spend all their time on the Internet, this would not leave them any time to spend with their families or friends. They would never have time to get out of their homes to meet new friends or neighbours, not allow them time to exercise , or allow them the ability to experience life.

Although some people argue that technology can be good for introverted people by allowing them opportunities to have more social activities, a more accurate assessment of modern day technology would be that it is harmful to society, causing people to spend less time with family and friends, at parties, at sporting events, and less time pursuing an active lifestyle. We need to understand that while technology is useful and necessary, there are also many negative drawbacks. The modern day Internet provides users with instant information from around the globe. We are able to learn and process information at much greater rates than society did before the invention of modern technology. While all this is exciting and wonderful, technology users need to understand the dangers associated with too much of a good thing. Teens should be limited to the amount of time they spend on-line, and by themselves.

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