Is there Anything Convenient without Much Cost?

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Convenience is what people nowadays look for before they take an action. For example, choosing between jeepney or train, online shopping or going to supermarket, chatting or meet-ups, water theraphy or dietary pills, fast food or ‘lutong bahay’ and so on. It is like we pay for the ‘delivery’ (or time spent) rather than the product itself. According to Becker (2016), dual-income families are more prone to bite ‘conveniency’. In fact it is what an average people indulge almost everyday. But there are some hidden costs of convenience namely: money, health, quality, the environment, intentionality, perseverance, and over consumption (Becker, 2016).

But how much do we really pay for our goods? According to Lux research report, 11% of US consumers are willing to pay more for more convenience in line with food chain processes and almost $751 B for combined services each year (Findling, 2017).

According to, the most commonly convinidce for Americans are as follows: Ride sharing, home services, food delivery, pet service and subscription boxes.

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The question is why are they so obsessed on paying more instead of saving it? To answer that question, I have listed some possible reasons. First, to save time. It is true that convenience felt like home. Some people are willing to pay more to save time. But doest it really help them in accomplishing their tasks? Literally speaking, yes. And when you save time, you also save your job.

Perfect example is in EDSA. For a worker to be productive, he/she must be prepared and on-time in work but if he/she was caught on heavy traffic, probably he/she loses more; salary, bonus or worst his/her job.

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There’s a research in the Philippines that the more time consumed in traffic, an estimated amount 3.5 Billions every day are losing. Secondly, save money. How ironic that we give more money to save more money. Third, it makes them socially ‘fit’. The more you access on online business, restaurants and other services that requires more money, the more you will gain social appreciation.

It is now woven in our lives to live in an easy way. Our culture have changed a lot from the harder way to the easier way. Sometimes I thought of why do we have to strive to have an easier life if life is already easy. We just make it complicated by our selfish needs and constant appreciation of what’s not available to us.

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Is there Anything Convenient without Much Cost?

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