Is the Rage of Text Messaging Leading to Less Than Desirable Social Interaction Essay

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Is the Rage of Text Messaging Leading to Less Than Desirable Social Interaction

As the world embraces the technological knowhow, preferred modes of communication have tremendously changed from the ancient modes. One such current modes of communication commonly used is the text messaging. Text messaging is a way of sending short written information to and from phone devices . Text messaging provides a fast, easy and discrete way of transferring information. Text messaging thus plays an important role in people’s life.

Texting is also a fairly nonthreatening way to initiate communication with someone versus a phone call or face to face methods, which demand greater bravery and often directness of intension. (Rule of Thumb 24) Text messaging plays an important role in creating and maintaining social interactions. Unlike the traditional ways in which friends had to travel long distances to share information, text messaging bridges the distance limitation and allows friends to share information without having to travel.

Friends are able to keep themselves updated with all matters concerning their friendships. We can work, watch television, sit in class or talk to friend while texting. (Rule of Thumb 26). Text messaging also enables others to make new friends. Most importantly, text messaging enables the physically challenged also to make part of the socializing world. Traditionally, the physically challenged by the fact that they cannot travel far were somehow locked out of the social network.

Through text messaging, this has been reversed. Another important role text messaging plays is by acting as reminders. Text messaging is a means that has been and is very useful in reminding friends and acquaintances about activities like meetings and parties among others. The fact that text messaging is cheap, fast and can be applied to many recipients at the same time makes it outstanding for this reminder role. For instance, students can remind their fellows on pending assignments.

At work places, instead of pinning written reminders on notice boards, text messaging can play effective means of reminding staff of an upcoming meeting. Similarly, text messaging plays important roles in public health sectors where patients are reminded through texts about their medical appointments. This unquestionably helps in overcoming forgetfulness, a factor that dangerously affect medication outcome through reducing medication compliance. Through text messaging, banks are able to remind their clients about pending transactions. These are ust but few examples. Text messaging plays an important role in passing information in a fast and cheap means. In learning institutions like universities for instance, text messaging plays an important role in circulating information such as changes in lecture venue and time, make-up lectures, and location of learning materials like handouts among others. Such information is usually very important and needs fast and cheap means of passing information. Some recruiting firms have also used text messages (in combination with phone calls) to confirm their appointments.

In this sense, text messaging enables people to get important information that helps them be at part with their duties in the society. Although all these are positive roles of text messaging, it has somehow brought along some disadvantages. The fact that text messaging allows multitasking has made its use be abused. Some people do text while driving, while others walk down on high ways with their faces completely turned down on their phones. The fact that text messaging bridges distance has also resulted in health problems by encouraging physical inactiveness.

Arguably, text messaging should be purposefully used for passing important information and reminders and not to cause distractions in classes and offices. Text messaging should also be employed as a means of sending warnings to alert people of any potential dangers. As, texting is a way of life, but it cannot replace the human voice or touch. I believe that texting should be used for the important notifications such as “I am running late”, “I am outside”, “I will call u later” etc. and most the most important keep it short.

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