Is The Core Curriculum

A Bachelors of Fine Arts requires 120 hours of classes. Of those 120 hours, 42 hours are core curriculum, 18 hours are art history, and 60 are studio hours. While most majors open a direct door to a career pathway, art has a multitude of options that range from digital media to drawing. Students getting a Bachelors of Fine Arts choose a first and second concentration, these are the studio classes they will take the most that will help in finding a career after college. Students with a concentration in jewelry have multiple career options like a bench jeweler or jewelry designer.

A bench jeweler is an artisan that manufactures and repairs jewelry. They can work in retail stores, manufacturing plants, or have their own studio.

Jewelers are good at building and fixing things with machines and tools, and they have to work with many sharp objects, open flames, and often small valuable pieces. Jewelers share a strong interest in three-dimensional media, usually sculpture. This helps when building things from hand.

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In some cases, jewelers work directly with clients to get information to build custom pieces. Bench jewelers can grow in the industry by starting as an apprentice, in retail, or a factory position and later choose to start their own business. Entry level bench jewelers make around $25,000 to $40,000. Highly experienced jewelers can make as much as $110,000. A jewelry designer is someone who designs pieces for clients.

Designers usually have a strong interest in two dimensional media as they will be designing pieces by drawing, painting, or computer generating.

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Designers must know how jewelry is made, how the stones are set, and how the piece works and moves to be able to make a wearable or functional piece. They can grow in the industry by starting with a manufacturer and later choosing to stay under a company or starting their own. Entry level jewelry designers make around $20,000 to $40,000. Highly experienced designers can make as much as $190,000. While jewelry concentration students have a multiple career options, a concentration in interior design is more self explanatory.

“Interior designers design and create living and working spaces for a variety of clients, either as freelancers or as part of a design firm” (Interior Design). Most interior designers specialize in specific areas such as residential design, restoration and preservation, and commercial design. The basic level of specialization is residential design. Those in this specialization will help clients with remodeling or building warm and inviting domestic spaces. Those specializing in restoration and preservation will mostly work with historic spaces. They will need knowledge on preservation protocols and measures to maintain the integrity of historic spaces.

These people can become landmark design preservationist, historic residential designer, or museum consultant. Those specializing in commercial design have many different paths they can become experts in such as corporate offices, health care facilities, restaurants, and government buildings. The commercial designers will “need knowledge on topics such as ergonomics, spatial development, and accessibility regulations” (Interior design). The job growth for interior design is at 13% between 2012 and 2022, specifically in environmental design considering the peaked interest in sustainability.

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