Is Man born Good or Evil Essay

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Is Man born Good or Evil

I do not think that man was born neither good nor evil, I believe that man are raised into there chosen behavior because of the society, environment, family, culture, or even the media, but I believe man has this natural instinct to be good or evil.I do believe that man is both good and evil. Man can do great, wonderful, terrible, and horrible things.If the perception of man being both good and evil is true, then each decision that humanity makes must be struggle, since good tells you to do one thing, while evil tells you to do something else. It’s like you’re mind is split in two.

When conversations come up like this or debates it’s very hard to talk about good when all people usually think about is the bad. Even I think more about the bad rather than the good. The evil might be affecting us in one way or another. We try to do good, but sometimes the evil simply takes over and there’s not much to stop it. We simply give in because it’s easier.

The point is, doing evil is easy, while doing good is hard, but how can one truly live their lives if all they ever did was the easy thing? It’d be very hard to do. Sure, we all make mistakes, but when we do we try to learn from those mistakes. Humanity can do terrible, horrible things, but humanity can also do very good, even great things.We do a lot of good things yet we never really think about it. Humanity does more good than what they think. We aren’t evil, we are just born and raised to have different feelings.

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