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Is it Nature or Nurture Essay

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You become a certain way because of your nature, or what you are born with, or because of your environment which is nurture. Nature comes from genetics; your talent can be defined by natural talent, intelligence, temperament/attitude and disorders/conditions. Determination is the gray area between these too. Nurture on the other hand is your environment; your peers, family, social media, the media or school could influence you to pursue your dreams. Is it nature that Sung-Bong Choi could sing like an angel from above? Or was it the fact that he was determined to make something of himself after hearing that guy sing, that could be nurture.

But determination makes it a little confusing. It could be both, you could be born with a natural talent, nature, but if you never start singing or if you don’t have a passion for singing or don’t have the opportunity to pursue a career in singing then nothing comes of it.

That’s when nurture takes in place; if you audition for a TV show like American Idol or if you go to Nashville or Hollywood to pursue your dreams and have people helping you a long the way, that’s nurture.

If your born with a talent and you have people around you influencing your decision then your dreams, your passion could come true. Sung- Bong Choi was born in Seoul and abandoned in an orphanage at the age of three. At the age of five years old he ran away because of how badly he was beaten and treated. For the next ten years he lived on the streets, sleeping on stairwells and selling gum and energy drinks to survive on his own. Until one day, he was 14 years old, he heard a guy singing classical music in a night club and became completely inspired.

He searched for teachers to teach him how to sing like that singer. Finally a teacher agreed to teach him without charge and even helped him get into a arts school at age 16. Then one day in 2011 he auditioned for Korean’s Got Talent (KGT). He told his story and sang beautifully; he brought the judges to tears. He is now signed to a record company. Was he born with the ability to sing? Or did the years of schooling at the arts school and that singing teacher lessons help him? I think that he had to be born with the ability to sing which is nature.

But I feel as if nurture helped him pursue his dreams. If he wouldn’t have seen that singer in the night club that night he wouldn’t have been inspired and he wouldn’t have looked for teachers to help him learn how to sing classical music. If he wouldn’t have went art school he wouldn’t have been able to sing greatly and the KGT audition wouldn’t have happened and most likely he would still be selling gum and energy drinks or doing some low paying manual labor job; nurture played the biggest part in my mind.

Wilma Rudolph was born number 20 out of 22 children; at the age of four she contracted polio that caused her to not be able to walk and she would fall all the time. She recovered but still had to wear braces on her legs and an orthopedic shoe to support her feet for two years. At 12 she fully recovered and could walk just like everyone else. She followed in her sisters foot steps in basketball but she had ran track two years prior and noticed by a Tennessee State scout in 1953. Long story short she won the Olympic Gold Medal in the 4×100 relay in 1959. To overcome a disease as horrible as polio and to win an Olympic Gold Medal for running?

Most people never walk again or even die from that disease. I think that she was born with the natural talent for running because her legs were pretty badly twisted from the polio; her parents pushing and her mom believing in her so much played a huge role. But I think nature and determination wins with Wilma; she was born to run. Misty Copeland had a troubled childhood, her mom always had boyfriends and really was consumed in those relationships. Her mom decided to put her in the Boys and Girls Club, that was an outlet for Misty.

She never studied ballet until she was thirteen. Most kids start learning ballet as young as three years old to get their body and their feet in shape to bend and move like the ballerinas do. A woman taught ballet once a week at the Boys and Girls Club and it was free. But Misty’s mother did not have a car and her sister worked two jobs so she would go and stay with the woman, Cynthia Bradley, during the week and go home to her mother during the weekends. After practicing and going through many struggles in 2008 she became a member of the American Ballet Theatre.

She was the only African American to ever dance for the company. Misty was born to dance, otherwise her body would have not been able to learn at such an advanced age. Cynthia inspired her and helped her be a better dancer. If it wasn’t for Cynthia, I don’t think Misty’s mother would have let her continue to dance. So I’m going to say it was both in this case, she was born to dance but Cynthia encouraged her to pursue the dream of being a ballerina and Misty was determined to make it happen. With myself at the stage I am in, in my life right now I think it’s both that has made me who I am. My mom is a very determined woman, but I was raised by my aunt.

If I was raised by my mom I can’t guarantee that I would be in college right now or even finished high school. I was born with determination to be whoever I want to be and I choose to be a teacher. My mom volunteers at various elementary schools and she loves to work with kids so I get that from her. But without my aunt raising me to be the woman that I am today, I don’t think I would be writing this paper for you. So I choose nature because of my determination to be who I want to be and nurture because my aunt taught me from a young age that education is important and so I decide to make education my life.

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