Is It Justifiable to Perform an Evil Act in Order to Achieve Good Consequences?

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Is It Justifiable to Perform an Evil Act in Order to Achieve Good Consequences?

Ethically speaking is it possible to justify an evil act? The idea behind justifying an evil act in order to achieve a good consequence is that there is a way to make doing something wrong right if there is reasons that something positive is achieved by the wrong doing. The ethical dilemma would never be okay according to ethics as it would be unethical to react in a negative manner and perform the negative act. The idea behind the ethical values and principals would be that no matter what was happening doing something evil could never be right.

The idea that one can react in an evil manner in order to do something good is something that could be questioned ethically and that some might try to justify however it is not a permitted act in ethics as ethic is the idea behind reacting in the way that one is supposed to at all times. It is corruption to be thinking that you are going to be able to do something wrong and justify it by being able to prove that something good has come from it.

This means that someone who is trying to justify wrong actions by pointing out good or positive outcomes is trying truly trying to corrupt the ideas of ethics and play on the feelings of others rather than thinking about the ethical values related to their actions. Ethical dilemmas are common in all areas of life. Perhaps one of the greatest ethical dilemmas occurs when someone is reacting in a violent or bad way in order to try to get a positive result.

Some people would fight that the good outcome could override the bad action however it would be unethical to think that one should be able to commit evil acts as long as the outcomes are going to be positive. If this were the mind set of the majority of the population then the long term outcomes would be everyone committing evil and trying to point out the positive that would come from the evil act.


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