Is India Safe for Its Residents? Essay

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Is India Safe for Its Residents?

In fact I think INDIA is the safest place to live in on earth for Indians.Yes I do agree that there is terror of terrorism; but then u need to firmly fight againstit. U can run off ur responsibilities by saying that India is not a safe place. Toh……….. do u think that settling down in foreign can make u feel secure??? If u think so ur definitely wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are Indians safe in a country like AUSTRALIA,infact Indians are insultedthere and where ever we go and what ever we do…..there is nothing that equals our mother and mother land. violence and problems maybe a trouble for us ..but i think there will be no placewith out problems …. what we need to do is justto manage ourselves……… any ways to sum it up..INDIA IS THE SUPERIOR,THE SUPREME AND THE HEAVEN FOR INDIANS. right???
In India there has been lack of political will and assertive decision making to bring such fugitives to justice. Barely a month later, with the Delhi blasts this weekend, the NSA might have to revise his earlier estimate; his claimssound meaningless. Jammu and Kashmir is facing unrest. The Northeast is unsettled.West Bengal andTelangana are simmering, over 160 districts in 13 states are in the grip of left wing extremism. While the crime rate is growing, abductions and extortions have almost become an industry. The rangdari and supari culture is now a new brandof threat to the Indian citizen.Money laundering, hawala, small arms proliferation and human trafficking are on the rise. The debate on countering these internal threats, however,has been overwhelmed by politics, rather than deterrent action.While India seems tobe safe are Indians secure? Or are we on course to a functional anarchy? India’s current crisis of internal security has been a concern particularly since December 2001.

When terrorists assaulted Parliament, they struck at India’s nerve centre; a qualitatively different target; and at variance with India’s previous experience with multiple threats of insurgencies, terrorism, left wing extremism, narcotic trafficking, religious fundamentalism and subnationalism. The Indian security apparatus and elite are largely indifferent, or have shied away from formulating an internal security doctrine. There has been no serious attempt to institutionalise a mechanism, direction or assertive policy to deal with “internal threats”; interim, ad hoc and incremental means have been the favoured methods adopted by successive governments. There is virtually no means to define coherentlythe enemy within. The continuous assault on Indian citizens and their psyche has shown clearly that the security apparatus has failed to plug the reocurrence of terrorist attacks.

The intelligence fraternity gropes in the dark about the actual strength, source, capacity and logistics of the enemy’s next attack.With our domestic security apparatus going so horribly awry we can take it for granted that we will almost never apprehend the killers. Worse, these terror attacks and militancy are seen as merely a “law andorder” concern and treated as subject of state, whenever, political violence on a massive scale breaks out in a state, the police become the first responders. The police in India are trained, equipped and mentally conditioned to deal only with civil disorders.When confronted with serious threats to internal securitylike terrorism, insurgency and other proxy war situations, they find it difficult to respond effectively. In such a situation, the state seeks the expertise of paramilitary forces.

Creation of fast track courts to avoid judicial delay and enactment of a deterrent anti-terror law would constitute an essential step forward. The need of the hour is toinstitutionalise, develop procedures and processesthat would boost inter institutional co-ordination, facilitate professional conduct of operations on athorough, professional policy analysis. Lack of professional mindset for informed debate, fierce expression of spite, bitterness and mutual political acrimony take place instead of constructive policy discussions

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