Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay

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Is Google Making Us Stupid

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” By Nicholas Carr informs us on the ways technology is negetively effecting our brains. This article starts out by talking about how the Internet is a resource we can use for almost anything. In result, we are becoming dependant upon it in things like to increase work productivity, reading, and writing. This article also claims that technology is a huge distraction in our lives. Traditional media has to live up to the expectation their audiences have of everything being a “shortcut”. We are becoming too use to being able to access information faster and more conveniantely. According to this article, technology is becoming more important than people. Google is trying to invent an artificial brain to replace our “slow” brains that we already have. In a world where technology is put first, what will happen to us?

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” By Nicholas Carr made me feel scared for my future, if technology importance will increase. First of all, it made me realize how much of a distraction technology actually is. The internet has made it hard for me to stay focused when reading things you can’t learn about quickly. Due to the Internet, my expectation of receiving information is to have it quickly and with little or not effort. If technology influence also increases, the human brain will not be highly valued. “The human brain is just an outdated computer that needs a faster processor and a bigger hard drive.” This will start the thinking that if something isn’t fast enough, it can just be replaced with something faster and better. Technology will be considered the best and what was once valued in human beings will be frowned upon.

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