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Is Everyone Evil? Essay

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This world is packed with billions of people. Every day, you meet new people, talk to new people, and see faces you’ve never seen before. Have you ever tried to look deep inside into their personalities? Have you ever thought of the idea that everyone in this world is evil? In the novel we have been reading, the author Paulo Coelho states “given the rights circumstances, every human being on this earth would be willing to commit evil.” Could Coelho be true or is it just a lame theory? Too many questions revolve around our minds when we read this statement.

If everyone is evil, our days would be miserable, our lives would be hopeless. When a person is determined to do something or has a certain belief, then this means that he is capable of doing it. If everyone is evil, then this tells us that we wanted to be evil. Therefore, this could possibly occur due to the weakness of our resistance to do an evil versus the temptation and the reward we may receive.

If everyone is evil, then this shows that the world has no crave anymore; nothing more than a meaningless boring life. Moreover, it notifies that there is no good anymore, there is no basis and beliefs for people; they are worthless without believing in something, without having their own personal statements.

However, if not everyone was an evil person, then it presents a bright side of life. Life does have a meaning; life does have passion and pleasure presented in it. By that time, an evil person is a person that doesn’t have a personality; he hurts other people, he steals, he cheats, and he kills; all because he has no resistance against doing wrongful affairs. That person is weak. If not everyone is evil, then this shows that there are well-mannered decent people in our lives.

In the novel, a character facing hefty struggles in their days which are Chantal. Chantal lived every long day of her life hoping to leave the village, leave the lonely village that gave her a hard time. When the stranger came to her with the offer, her inner struggle began to get bigger and bigger. She is trying to resist but she is unable; good and evil are wrestling in there. We do not know where Chantal is situated because she doesn’t take a decision yet. If she takes the Evil’s path, then some of the statement may be correct, but if she takes Good’s side, then she can prove that not everyone in this world is evil.

All in all, Coelho’s statement can be false and considered as a theory, or it can be true and be a true fact. However, it is not seemingly to me that “everyone” can be evil, as there are prophets, noble people who would never dignify themselves and follow the Evil’s path. Moreover, we must not forget about the exaggeration that we face in literature, which states and includes fictionist facts inapplicable in our real, difficult lives.

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