IS Ethic Report Essay

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IS Ethic Report

These days the use of computers has become almost obligatory in organizations and no such policies have been designed up till now to get over with the problems regarding internet abuse during the work time. FDU has published a policy for acceptable usage of computers. This policy is not supposed to be finalized up till now therefore it is open for revision. According to this policy the use of computer and internet for exploration, instructional, and organizational purposes is allowed. However the promulgators want everyone to maintain ethics in the usage and to act as a fair dealer with responsibility.

All the users accessing resources would have to keep the policy rules in mind. Users include staff, faculty members, students, guest faculty, external organizations and certain people. Users should take care of every accessory in equipment they are using including hardware and software both. User undertakes that under every law i. e. intellectual property law, copyrights, other laws and agreements, he will not be violating any of their provisions and he/she will save the solemnity of the institute. User prepared materials is also the possessed by resources but the institute is not responsible for their authenticity.

The network usage should be having careful conducts in order to prevent from any intrusion or threat (FDU). Computer accounts assigned to the users are critical and user is responsible for any activity done with his account. User is never allowed to make any changes or encoding to the existing record whether it is the institute’s information or of any other user. As the system is institute’s asset therefore it is not allowed to user to make any changes concerned with the operation of operating system and networks. He is not allowed to distribute software and documents owned by that institution.

If that software or document is mutually shared by another user and that user grants him its permission to access, only then he is able to distribute them away (FDU). If mentioning any partial or biased opinion one has to specify his name with the opinion preventing the institution from the blame. Sending unsolicited bulk mail is forbidden. Undue usage of computing equipment is illegal. Disk storage is company’s resource and company pays for it therefore any improper use would lead a person to dishonesty (FDU). Network addresses assigned to the user should not be altered without the proper permission of systems and security.

For personal advertisements, one is not allowed to advertise and promote personal information on the network. The networking protocols are also forbidden to be applied, such as DHCP, IGRP, RIP, port scanners or network monitors (FDU). Security measures under the policy include that the user have to use their own ways to make their data secure. These ways may include encoding techniques to save sensitive data. Any shortfall in network security would affect the data integrity. Security against damages is provided by information system and technology in more or less realistic way.

However this is not possible to pledge for it (FDU). Privacy measures in policy are directing towards the warnings which are given against storing any confidential data. Sometimes situations occur in which a student while helping another student starts having access to the instructor’s data regarding the relevant subject. Such type of privacy should be maintained by backup support, and upgrades of software, and trouble-shooting activities (FDU). Policy Violators are well aware of the fact that they should be taken into account as soon as possible.

Policy violations should be handled by some descriptions in some good literature about internet use policy. An institution’s network can be suspended at anytime if any network failure occurs (FDU). This policy is intended for the use in institutions and further amendments can also be made in order to make the policy strongest in terms of all the aspects. Knowing that internet has many advantages pertaining to the success and growth of a company but there are some potential disadvantages too as it reduces an employee’s focus from work at times.

The internet usage at workplace should be well defined and controlled so that the employees would know their limitations themselves. Internet usage invites a man to waste time and its usage has so many dimensions with which he can get engaged in his domestic works like billing and shopping. Else than that there are chat and personal emails and most dangerous of all is gambling and online pornography; which can lead the network vulnerable to threats and attacks easily (Taillon). Strategies have been designed to increase the work duration and control the use of internet.

They include disciplinary actions against internet abuse at workplace. These actions are preceded by some policy; which would indicate the possibility of duration on which an employee can spend his personal time online. Expensive programs like Honor systems can be used to monitor activities being performed on every computer in an organization. Another risk is that the businesses purchase the software products righteously and the copyright laws forbid them to download any illegal contents from internet.

For such an action employees would not be blamed instead the employers would be accused of that illegal transfer (Taillon). Larger workforce cannot be tracked completely with honor system therefore information assurance is offered to be used by businesses which afford to have an internet security program. Computer use is tracked easily by giving password to each system and checking the usage afterwards. This is completely legal in an organization. This defensive programming helps in tracking for hitches in software and irregular flow of controlling data.

Keeping firewalls also help an organization in keeping away from antagonistic instructions. Increasing the level of internet security is also in favor of an organization with the help of which Honor system would do their best at screening the usage of computers and internet at workplace (Taillon). References FDU. Acceptable Use Policy For Computer Usage. 7 June 1999. 19 March 2009 <http://www. fdu. edu/studentsvcs/aup. html>. Taillon, G. Controlling Internet Use In The Work Place. June 2004. 19 March 2009 <http://www. nysscpa. org/cpajournal/2004/704/perspectives/p16. htm>.

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