Is All Murder Morally Wrong Essay

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Is All Murder Morally Wrong

Murder is a touchy subject that can be very controversial depending on who the victim or victims are, and also who the predator is. Things like the relationship between a victim and predator, and the essential “reasons” behind the murder play a big part on whether or not all murder is ethical or unethical. The basic view of murder by most of the population, in any sense, is that it is morally wrong. Though there are circumstances such as revenge and suicide that bring up questions.

One of the biggest mass murders in the history of time was known as the “Holocaust,” where Jews and other “lower class people” (as determined by the Nazis) were murdered for no other reason besides discrimination from the German Nazis, lead by Adolf Hitler. This is a classic example of the view most people would have on murder. Besides the Nazi regime, there were many other countries and people as a whole who without a doubt would consider the Holocaust unethical. This is my view as well. There were approximately 6 million Jews who were innocently murdered as a result of one person’s opinion, and a sorrowful group of followers who believed him.

In this case of the Holocaust, now the question would be if it is morally correct to murder Adolf Hitler. This is the classic “eye for an eye” problem. If we are saying murder is wrong, does this mean that the killing of a murderer is wrong as well? Let us suppose that someone dear to us has passed away due to the actions of someone else. For example, you have a daughter who has been kidnapped and raped. Somehow she has found a way to escape and kills the man who victimized her. Is it then acceptable and moral that she has killed someone, because they have hurt her? If this is the case, than it would be moral to say that anyone who has been victimized or feels victimized by someone is correct in killing the victimizer.

What shall be thought of a person who has committed suicide? Suicide in essence is a murder done to oneself. It is thought to be a selfish, immoral, and cowardly act by many people. In my own opinion, I would have to say that it can also be looked at as unselfish, moral, and brave. A person who is in a state of suicidal thoughts can be dangerous to others, not only to themselves. They can be in extreme never-ending pain that causes them suffering. Suicide is not an easy act to bring upon you; it takes much thought and courage. Though they have left people behind, in my opinion, it is not selfish to leave when you are hurting, but to make someone stay when they are hurting.

I believe that people are subjective to what they believe is morally correct and incorrect. It is influenced by where they came from, how they lived, who brought them up, and their own personal views. When faced in an unjust situation, people will bring justice to what they believe in. Murder seems to be morally subjective. When there is a reason for the killing, that touches people’s heart, it is ok. When there is no reason that can be viewed by the common people, it is not ok.

In 2010, about 13,000 people were murdered in the United States. About 40,000 United States citizens committed suicide in 2010 as well. There are perhaps a trillion reasons behind why these people have murdered others or themselves, but the reasons do not justify the action. Taking away any life on this Earth is playing God. We know the process in which a being is created but we do not know how the process came to be. Whether you believe in God or not this is a fact; we know the how but we do not know the why.

In this case, murder, in my own opinion, is not ethical or morally correct in any sense. There is no human being on Earth who has the “rights” to killing another being. But even though this is my opinion, it is still subjective to what I believe. Therefore I can only conclude that murder is subjectively ethical. According to the Cartesian view of Solipsism, we all live in our own world and in our own mind. Therefore what is right and wrong is completely subjective to the world that you live in. Which world do you live in?

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