Is action more important than knowledge Essay

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Is action more important than knowledge

Pablo Picasso once said that, “Action is the foundational key to all success”. In some ways I must agree with Picasso. To succeed in something of importance and value you must take action and not idle away as action speaks louder than words. Though knowledge is important because in some aspects as you cannot be illiterate about your cause if you wish to succeed.

Knowledge is a key aspect of human beings. In order to advance in our society you must gain knowledge. Therefore to take action you must have a basis of information in order to be successful. You should not act in haste or proudness but rather develop your ‘pool of information’ and make an informed decision to acquire your desired results, “ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven”.

Some may say that taking action is more important than acquiring knowledge. They may say that people may spend too much precious time on gaining knowledge and miss there time of action. ‘History does not remember those who were knowledgeable but rather those who took action in a steadfast manner.’ Though I must disagree. History are full of those who carelessly and in alacrity took an ill-informed decision that was destructive on humanity. For example in when Lenin, the first leader of communist Russia died, his testament was not read out in public.

This testament would have kicked Stalin out of the Communist Party and therefore would have stopped the mass murder that happened due to Stalin’s orders under his reign. Due to the ill-thought Trotsky and other high members of the Bolsheviks, the decision was to not read out the testament in public. This enabled Stalin to take power and soon Stalin became a despotic leader of the communist parties and created a terror in Soviet Russia as well as the rest of the world.

Therefore I believe knowledge is of key importance. This is due to the timeless evidence of how acquiring knowledge is more important than taking knowledge, like the testament of Lenin and this story; There once was a man named Pars. He was thought to be slow as before making every decision he would sit and ponder about the connotations and effects this decision would have on him and his fellow classmates.

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