Is a College Education Worth It?

College is worth it, more people should attend college because graduates’ students have higher chances to get a better job, best opportunities, and career satisfaction. People with a college degree will make more money. They also can afford a convenient house to stay in and satisfy their needs such as being able to own a car that they want to be theirs. Most good jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, another reason you need to get that degree at any cost.

When people have good jobs and they like it they will be happy and satisfied. People who have good jobs will go to the gym, eat healthy since they got money so they do not have any excuses like, I am broke I cannot eat fruit today.

Most of the student’s goals are to get a better job after they finished school. Where they can earn a decent amount of money while being in their professional workplace.

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People always need money to buy food, clothes, car, and much more. Without money, people cannot live, and get that money is hard people need to work for it, and it all depends on what kind of jobs they are doing. In some situations, a non-graduate work harder than a college graduate, and their earning is different. Managers hire based on how higher their education get for example, on fast foods mostly high school diplomas go to crews while the degrees holder be the managers. When people earn money, they depend on themselves and be responsible for their families.

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Attending college will open many doors in the life of a student. Students will build their skills in many subjects. For example, at this moment I am not a good writer, but I am confident that at the end of my college journey I will a better writer because I will learn many tools that will help me to become better at what I am doing. In college students gets opportunities to help them build their resume, meet new people so on. College prepares students to be successful in life and be more responsible.

What is better than doing the job you love. The job that you are passionate about and enjoy doing. With a college degree, you can make your dream come true. Jobs involving sciences require a college degree. When students are determined and ready to get what they want no matter what. Thus, they will find solutions to achieve it. I want to be a doctor in the future, and I am ready to tackle the obstacle and further my education.

In conclusion, finishing college will get students good jobs where they will pay their bills than If they just have a high school diploma. People should not get discouraged about not getting their degrees because of fear of not succeeding rather they have to be persistent about what matter to them. A college degree is worth the path because when you get that job you love and earn money you will be proud of yourself because in all you went through you finally made it.



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Is a College Education Worth It?

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