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Is a College Education Necessary to Succeed in Life

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Essay, Pages 2 (456 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (456 words)

Education is the key that opens the door to all life needs to provide. The advantages of a great education, enhanced vision, increased motivation, and improved performance is crucial to being successful in life. Success belongs to those who obtain a great education. Improved vision Getting a good education can assist you gain a much better view of what you are capable of doing. Education gives a person an enhanced sense of personal control (Schieman and Plickert, 2008).

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Sound theoretical and empirical research study has actually developed that academic attainment is the vital primary step in improving communication skills, enhancing relationship skills and enhancing your life (Schieman and Plickert, 2008). The most essential thing to bear in mind about education is education is the most crucial component that can assist you increase your individual control in life. Increased inspiration Obtaining an excellent education can likewise assist you enhance your station in life.

Abraham Maslow thought that what encourages individuals is a hierarchy of requirements beginning at one of the most standard needs of food, shelter, and clothing and ending in self actualization (Wilson and Madsen, 2008).

Maslow believed people have the ability through education to end up being whatever they want to become due to the fact that the individual has an ability to discover (Wilson and Madsen, 2008). Through using this capability to find out and acquiring education you can find success and you can find the power to change your life. Increased efficiency Improving your education will enhance your chance for success.

Getting a great education tends to make you feel good about yourself.

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When you begin to feel good your life handles a new meaning and you are able to abandon the garments of a meaningless life and place on the garments of a significant life (The humanist, 1992). This change is achieved through the renewal of your dreams. When you start dreaming again you will begin to learn through structured programs of knowing, from friends and family, from everyday experiences, and from self reflection (Teare, 1997). Knowing will end up being a fun thing to do.

Finally, education equips you with the critical career and life skills that lead to a successful life (Hays, 2008). When you learn through education to listen, have empathy, start caring about life, become persuasive, become aware of the world in which you live, develop foresight or vision, start seeing the big picture, become committed to your growth as a person, become concerned about doing the right thing, and realize that you are a small part of a greater whole (Hays, 2008) then you will be well on your way to being successful in life and will have proved that people really do need education to succeed.

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