Irresistible Desire – Nespresso Essay

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Irresistible Desire – Nespresso


Nespresso is belong to the world’s biggest food company Nestle (The Independent 2007) which to produce a special kind of coffee machines, coffee capsules, and other coffee accessories. In 1986, Nestle started a simple but revolutionary idea to make espresso coffee by it’s coffee machine and capsules with an new brand Nespresso (Nespresso 2012).

Nespresso has not been taken as an special coffee machine now, it has become one indispensable coffee culture all over the world. Nespresso has opened over 200 shops in over 50 countries, and it has shaped the global coffee culture (Nesprsso 2012). After 10 years since it’s launch, Nespresso came into UK in 1996 (The Guardian 2010). And now there are 5 stores in UK which located in London, Birmingham, and Manchester (Nespresso 2012). As Nespresso’s stores in other countries, all the stores in UK are located near by or in luxurious fashion shopping streets or malls as well.

Nespresso’s stores are all well designed to offer a luxurious and pleasure environment for people taste coffee which made by Nespresso machines. It is a good way to show its brand concept that: Nespresso is not just a coffee. It is a genuine experience that combines perfection and pleasure, simplicity and aesthetics (Nespresso 2012). Nespresso stores absolutely not the only place to buy its products, ranges of machines are sold on other retailers’ shops as well. [pic]

Figure 2: Nespresso in SWINDON DESIGNER OUTLET

To keep the high quality, Nespresso Grand Cru coffees are produced from an exclusive selection of the finest green coffee grown in the world, and only 1- 2% are accepted by Nespresso (Nespresso 2012). From Figure 2 we can see even not in Nespresso stores, it is actually not just a sell desk, but a taste table as well. High quality coffee needs right way to cook to make sure its best taste.

Nespresso try to let people know the quality of its taste which made by its coffee machines with an easy button. Nespresso coffee machines’ technology delivers a balance between the right water temperature, quantity and speed, along with 19 bars of pressure, creating the perfect cup every time (Nespresso 2012). And today, there are 6 ranges of Nespresso coffee machines which are sold from £80 to £680 with 8 different colors (Nespresso 2012).

Figures released by parent company Nestlé in 2010 showed the business growing 22% globally and by an even steeper 35.5% in Britain during 2009. It is Nestle’s fastest-growing business (The Guardian 2010). Today, Nespresso has been to UK market 16 years, and consumers’ behavior has changed. The aims of this report is try to help Nespresso to understand its macro-environment, consumer, and competition.

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