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Irony in the Short Stories

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (403 words)
Categories: Irony, Short Story
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In the short story, the possibility of evil uses dramatic irony throughout the segment. This story elaborates on how there is certainly no place on earth that evil has not entered. In every day of our life, just like the story, evil is ruled by our actions and it is concluded otherwise by others. The reader meets Miss Strangeworth who is a sweet kind old lady that smiles to everyone in town during the day and starts a conversation. She helps brighten the church with flowers but holds evilness behind close doors.

When a deceitful individual portrays kindness towards others, her mischievous acts are disregarded therefore causing her to construct more wickedness in her town. Miss Strangeworth is a treacherous character by offering to her so-called friends and her fellow town people misleading them into thinking she is a fine figure, but secretly sends them sickening, troubling letters in the mail unsigned. She portrays an innocent and vulnerable image pretty little dimple showing by her lip.

The dimple signifies that she’s a friendly person. Appearances can be deceiving.as said by Andre Malraux ‘Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides’.

Miss Strangeworth resembled a kind old lady, including her lovely rose garden among her long years of residence, clouded her true ‘evil’ intentions.’ tourists who sometimes passed through the town and stopped to admire Miss Strangeworth’s roses’ line 7. The writer applied a variation of symbolism to expose a theme, for occurrence throughout the text Miss Strangeworth rose’s (first mentions inline 8-14) the analogy of these roses are used to discourage any surmise upon Miss Strangeworth; Symbolizing that she is a sweet, pure old lady, who is incapable to do wickedness to others. However, the thorns of a rose can cause distress and injustice.

Miss Strangeworth wrote poisoned letters that taunted and humiliated poor individuals with tales and rumours which may not be genuine ‘She never got any answers, of course, because she never signed her name’. Because of her letters, this affected future conflicts. She believed that it was her obligation to stop the evil that produces vast trouble in the town. She believed herself to be righteous, and that ‘she sometimes found herself thinking that the town belonged to her’ In spite of, she does not recognize letters create problems rather than resolve them, and that in another person’s eye. She can be observed as evil.

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