Irish and Mexican Culture and Customs Essay

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Irish and Mexican Culture and Customs

If we start to compare how irish people greet to another person and how mexicans we can find a big difference because as we know mexican people always say hi with a kiss in the cheek and is a normal way to greet even although they don´t know each other. Irish people with only say hi is a find to greet another one, for them is really rear to give a kiss in the cheek. For mexicans is really normal to say hi giving a kiss in the cheek and if you don´t greet everyone is a very uneducated of your part. Irish people is just fine to say hi or how ´re you without giving a kiss, because for them if you give a kiss is really inappropriate. Examples of how irish people say hi:

Hi, how are you?
Hi, how you doing?
Hi, how is it going?
Hi, you all right?
Hi, what’s the story? (this is a very informal way to say hi, just people who live in really bad conditions say this type of greet.)

Examples of how mexicans say hi:
Hola ¿como estas?
Que onda
Que tal
Hola, Mucho gusto

When Irish people inroduce themself to a strenger they just say hi nice to meet you my name is “….” And they shake hands to each other, this is a formal way to meet someone. In a informal they don´t shake hands and they just say hi my name is …. Nice to meet you. In ireland the poeple when they want to introduce someone

People in Ireland have a long list of things that they might eat for breakfast. Including breakfast cereal, porridge, toast, croissants, grapefruit, a bowl of fruit, yoghurt, sausages, rashers (thin slices of bacon), black pudding, white pudding, tomato, eggs(fried, boiled or scrambled), baked beans, fried potato (in cubes or as a potato cake), and many other slight variations; pancakes, toasted potato farls, brioche, pop tarts. After the breakfast they have a luch round at 1 pm and what they eat is Sandwiches of all kinds are popular. Fruits of a variety too, like apples and oranges and bananas. Some will go for less healthy options like chips or chocolate. Then around 6pm or 7pm they have dinner and they like to eat corn beef and cabbage, and they also enjoy potatoes too.

January the 5th is a every traditional day for every mexican, is called LA NOCHE DE LOS REYES MAGOS (The night of the King Wizards). Family and friends get together in a very casual way and have a ROSCA DE REYES (like a big doughnut in an oval shape) and hot chocolate for dinner. Everybody gets a chance to cut their piece of the rosca and inside it has a plastic baby (Jesus) and who ever finds the baby is supposed to invite everyone present to eat tamales on February 2nd, (Day of the candelaria). Normally you can find 2 to 8 babies inside the bread, and we do it more for the fun of it than really for making another party. What is most important here is the next day, children go to sleep on January 5th and leave a shoe next to the nacimiento, (A Nativity, a small representation of the birth of Christ). Children leave their shoe and receive presents the next day (Just like Irish receive from Santa Claus).

What I find very valuable in my country is El dia del muerto, the Day of the Dead has been celebrated in Mexico, and other Latin countries. This is a very special ritual, since it is the day in which the living remember their departed relatives. The Day of the Dead is a beautiful ritual in which Mexicans happily and lovingly remember their loved relatives that have died. What they like to do for remember their family who just pass away is to make an altar where they put the picture of this person and flowers with typical food mexican that represent the favorite food of this special person who just died because they think that the sould of this person can come to the altar and what it do is smell all the food that they used to like and enjoy it in this important day. It is important for me because is a beautiful way to remember that special person who has been part of your family.

I don´t find something that is not valuable in my country because everything has a important meaning for the mexicans. Every tradition has a important meaning in the history of México and we celebrate some important days because it has something special and valuable for everyone. I find very special the mexican culture and the actitud that mexicans have because is really unique and I can see that we are very joyfull than other countries and funny.

We are rich in culture and we have a lot of history that has change mexico in many ways. Our tranditions are different than other countries because we celebrate important days in different ways and we do something special for remember it thats for example we celebrate with big parties and with delicious typical food. Also we have different type of typical clothe that represent each region of Mexico. For me all of this is really important because mexico is a beautiful place full of history and beautiful people joyfull.

A important tradition that is celebrated by the irish people is Saint Patrick´s day, they celebrate this day because Saint Patrick was the person who brought cristianity to Ireland and thats why they remember this important person who was really important for the history in Ireland. People wear green, and often go to pubs and parties where they drink beer that has been dyed green and listen and dance to Irish music. This is the way they celebrate this important day. I don´t think that they have something that is nos important because in every country they celebrate something different and have different meanings so I think that everything is important.

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