Irish Essay Topics

Irish history

Rose Fitzgerald – wife of Joseph Kennedy, Sr. and matriarch of a U. S. political dynasty – was born of a proud Boston Irish family. Her last name however betrays origins that were other than Irish. In fact, the name “Fitz-Gerald” indicates that her first Irish ancestor to bear that name was the son of… View Article

Irish Weddings

Ireland is one country, which is part of the larger United Kingdom (UK). It is a blessed country with numerous greens, which range from the rolling green hills of sheep pasture to the gorgeous gardens as well as ancient castles. Romance is so much embraced by the Irish culture with a lot of passion. The… View Article

The Irish Culture

The Irish are the people living on the Island of Ireland. Their culture is not that huge as per many beliefs. This is due to the prominent divisions that are there between urban and rural people, between the Protestants and the Roman Catholics and also divisions between the Irish speakers and the English speakers. This… View Article

And the Oscar goes to…

A combination of emotion, dedication, brilliant acting and exceptional directing makes ‘A Walk to Remember’ a movie that was very deserving of an Oscar. Set in North Carolina, this is a romantic story of popular, teen Landon Carter and devoted reverend’s daughter Jamie Sullivan. Landon lives a life of popularity and looking down on anyone… View Article